Inexplictus II

The tale continues… Read! Like! Comment! Follow!!! INEXPLICTUS II “NKECHIIII!!!” “Yes Mummy!” the little girl replied, she was standing right behind her mother. Apparently, the banging at the gate had drawn her away from her doodling and her creative expressions. “You are here? Then what?” Amara was quite confused. She could not understand why they […]

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Read! Like! Comment! Follow!!! INEXPLICTUS Inexplictus: Latin for that which can not be readily explained, the unexplainable. There are certain things cannot be explained by logic in this world. In fact, too many things the human mind cannot even begin to comprehend. For instance: How does an infant who can only crawl on all limbs […]

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The Taking

Read! Like!! Comment!!! Follow!!! THE TAKING She giggled, he snickered, She laughed, he roared. She sat as he oared, Together in love, The day before he died. — It was truly a great day, With bright sun and a gentle breeze. They lost her chaperone, So he roared in glee And she urged him on. […]

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My Best Gift to You

She is neither timid nor rigid, she is a humble lady who has the purest smile I’ve seen in a while… Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Khimid!!! — MY BEST GIFT TO YOU Standing in front of the mirror Creaming my body after a cool bath The look on your face as you walked […]

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The Spurned

Greetings. Read. Like. Comment. Follow!!! THE SPURNED I do so much, So I crave quite as much. Sadly, I get so little, Time passes and leaves me so brittle. This isn’t fair, Life without its true pair. I feel lost and so alone, I could get no wearier in the bone. No peace, my sleep […]

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Greetings people, it’s been a while since we last met in this particular manner – that is me writing/speaking/airing my view of life and you reading/responding/countering my opinion. I must say that I have missed you all. The feedback from my recent writeups, so far, has been positive since I started this literary journey despite […]