Courtesy: IsysIfe THE APPLE AND THE TREE There’s an argument as old as psychology: “Which is responsible for the man, Nature or Nurture?” Many wise men, over the years, have tried to answer the question; some cried nature, others are sure nurture is to blame. Never mind how well orchestrated any side’s argument may seem, […]



LIFE LESSONS Words come heavy to my sleepless mind, Heavy as the lids that press, grainy, against weary eyes. Once, I dreamt awake that I dreamt while I slept; Of a monocled bunny, ripe with grey and age, Schooling a brood of youngling owls. Few words he had to say, Were a few too many […]


The Betrayal

Greetings… It’s been a while and some since y’all last heard from us… Much apologies. I have a poem for you all… A bit on the dark side but I’m sure you would like it. Oh well… Read! Like! Comment! Follow!!! THE BETRAYAL I think I’m bleeding, Cut deep and loosing my Life pint after […]

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Sorry I Let You Down

Greetings folks… Khimid, of the lunar smile, gives us another poem that tells her truth of love gone sour. Read! Like! Comment! Follow!!! Sorry I Let You Down How we got here I can’t explain, We used to be a match made in heaven, And were the envy of all. But now my thoughts and […]

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Inexplictus II

The tale continues… Read! Like! Comment! Follow!!! INEXPLICTUS II “NKECHIIII!!!” “Yes Mummy!” the little girl replied, she was standing right behind her mother. Apparently, the banging at the gate had drawn her away from her doodling and her creative expressions. “You are here? Then what?” Amara was quite confused. She could not understand why they […]

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Read! Like! Comment! Follow!!! INEXPLICTUS Inexplictus: Latin for that which can not be readily explained, the unexplainable. There are certain things cannot be explained by logic in this world. In fact, too many things the human mind cannot even begin to comprehend. For instance: How does an infant who can only crawl on all limbs […]

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The Taking

Read! Like!! Comment!!! Follow!!! THE TAKING She giggled, he snickered, She laughed, he roared. She sat as he oared, Together in love, The day before he died. — It was truly a great day, With bright sun and a gentle breeze. They lost her chaperone, So he roared in glee And she urged him on. […]

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