What Could Have Been V (1)


What Could Have Been…

As promised, the What Could Have been series continues in this two-part piece. Seeing as it has been a while since we visited these series, I’ll put up the links to the preceding chapters :

What Could Have Been prologue

What Could Have been I

What Could Have Been II

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I’ll advice you read these before you proceed with the following chapters, the story will only make more sense that way… Oh Well!

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Chapter V

“What cute lips you have…”Jane mewled as she suckled on Tobe’s lips. She loved the way his full lips seemed to meld into hers whenever she kissed him, the way they seemed to blur every boundary between selves when he held her in his big, strong arms.

There was nothing she loved more than the taste of his breath on her tongue when he cutely exhaled in shock, which he often did whenever she gripped his firm butt.

Tobe did not have much of a butt to begin with; if Jane could be honest with herself, she would admit that his back fell straight to his thighs with a barely noticeable bump along the way.

Still, she loved the way it filled her hands and resisted her intent to make her fingers meet through his, well-defined, gluteus muscles.

Love’s Embrace…

“Only so I can kiss you better”.Tobe’s response came in-between breaths. She barely left him enough room to breathe whenever she was alone with him, not that he had any complaints – he could barely keep his mind, eyes and hands off her.

They had been seeing each other every day for the past twelve days and they were yet to plateau and get fed up with the constant contact. They still felt the elation and euphoria that accompanied a new found love, each seeking the other out, learning parts of the other that the owner was not even aware was originally theirs.

It had been an intense week (and some) of discovery and confessions for the love-struck couple; it was, however, a hellish period of torturous tentation for the unintentional third wheel, Ekene.

He sat through several movies alone, doing his best to ignore his dear friend, Tobe, and his belle as they snogged and snuggled through loud explosions and computer generated space battles.

They seemed to lose their sense of self and reason once they were together, ignoring the world and Ekene’s nigh-constant clearing of the throat which eventually led to a sore throat and even sorer tonsils.They were currently watching a Sandra Bullock movie where the, A-list actress, had blindfolds on the entire time, addressing her kids as boy and girl!

It was a pseudo-horror movie that should have had Jane screaming and jumping into Tobe’s arms, and she did… twice. After the second squeal and jump (which Ekene felt was largely mistimed), she stayed in Tobe’s arms, breathing in his lips for the rest of the movie – much to Ekene’s chagrin.

“Can you guys get a room please…?” He thought aloud, a tired exasperation lingered in his weak complaint, “I’m not sure how much more of this torture I can take”

P.D.A anyone…?

Ekene was not sure they heard him or if they ignored him, the result was, however, the same; neither boy nor girl acknowledged his presence as each clung onto the other in a vise-like grip, almost afraid of losing the person who stirred such wanton and dependent feelings in their souls.

‘Since when am I so small as to be completely invisible to these two?’ Ekene found himself asking as he walked into his room, giving up on the movie he had, painstakingly, gotten – after a heap of abegs and ­I-owe-you-ones – from a questionable fellow he knew well enough to not trust.

‘Just when did I become a side character in Tobe’s story?’

Ekene fell face-first onto his bed, ignoring the feelings of abandonment his insecurities stirred within him and the infernal hard-on that raged on in defiance of his unwillingness to acknowledge it; the damn tumescence was the reason he had to excuse himself from the movie without much a fuss.

He could not understand why Tobe seemed incapable of saying no to his dark skinned lady who seemed, just as equally, irresponsible whenever Tobe was near.

Less than a week ago, they had been dramatically kicked out of Coldstone for their excessive display of affection, irrespective of the young children that surrounded them… sure, Tobe’s reluctance to heed the warnings of the security team played a major role in the matter; PDA is still PDA.

While Ekene fell into the sweet and whelming restfulness of sleep on his bed, Tobe pressed Jane into his chest, smiling as she ran her fingers over the vertical scar that ran from, just beneath, the center of his clavicles, through the length his sternum and stopped just beneath his diaphragm.

She was fascinated by the unevenness of the skin that was puckered in the most appealing of ways; she could not stop herself from wondering why his imperfections seemed perfect in her eyes.

“You know…” Jane began sweetly, kissing the angry scars on his chest that split his, well-defined, torso like an imaginary axis, “You never really told me what was wrong with you”

“Huh?!” Tobe turned his mind from the thought of the story he had been working on for a few months, the same story that his editor-manager had read – at least, what parts of it he had read – and loved, demanding that he complete the manuscript so that he could make something of what, he believed, would be a blockbuster.

“I know you have some heart-ills”, she explained, kissing the unsmooth scar on his chest, “I still don’t know what birthed the need for the operation”.

“Oh… that?”

“Yes that” She nodded her head over his smiling face, letting her smile grow broader as she noticed the desire she evoked in him.

“Well, you never asked”. He chuckled as he pulled her by the ears to his lips, savouring the taste of her lips against his tongue, and thankful to, whatever, Supreme Being was responsible for throwing this piece of perfection his way.

P.D.A again…

“I just…” She struggled to say in-between kisses, “I just… kinda… sorta… did…”

“Ah!” He never lost the smile on his face even as they kissed. “Seeing as you told me of your struggles with… ummm… Elastic Anaemia?”

“Close…” She giggled, playfully swatting at his arm, “A-PLASTIC Anaemia

“That’s what I said…” he chuckled lightly. He could not understand how someone with a deficiency of red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets since childbirth managed to grow into a, not so tall, buxom beauty with one of the most interesting personalities he had ever encountered.

“No it’s not…” She quickly countered.

“Same difference!” Tobe quickly silenced her next retort with a shushing finger, smiling as he continued, “Seeing as you told me of your struggles with Aplastic Anaemia, I will tell you what it is you wish to know”

He smiled at her, taking in the appreciative light that slashed through her eyes as she raised her head to accept a deep truth of the man who had taken a deep root in her heart.


“What’s that?”

She shook her head in confusion, running through all the medical abbreviations and acronyms that she was familiar with and still could not come up with a matching name.

She had spent long hours studying different congenital diseases and what they did to their patients, learning more about the sick people around the world, trying to learn from their mistakes and experiences as well as sympathize with others who were also dealt a shit hand by fate.

Most importantly, she always felt better about her situation when she saw people with worse stories than hers; she actually enjoyed feeling bad for others now and again.

She had long since grown tired of being pitied, being talked at and all the fake friends who swarm around with their fake sympathy. She hated the way they talked at her like she was some impossible aberration, like every day she was alive was a testament of some divine power guiding her step, how she was lucky to be standing on her feet!

She liked being able to look at others in that same light, it always left her feeling like she was not as hopeless as those other kids and young adults with congenital cancer, or some rare strain of HIV that was defied the ante-natal retroviral drugs and infected the foetus.

She always felt better after reading about such people. A lot of different ills and maladies swam in her head from all the things she had read, but VSD did not ring any bells.

“Ventricular Septal Defect” he explained, he was not surprised that she was unfamiliar with the name.

“What does that mean?”

To be continued…

P.s: Expect to see a follow up within 24-36 hours.

Kane out.


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