A Fish’s Tale (Flash Fiction)

How’dy y’all.
I’m not even going to come up with an excuse, I have been too preoccupied by life and all that it represents that I put aside my one true love and focused on other things.

Make una no too vex.

This is my first attempt at flash fiction. It should be a hoot and a half for those of us who like really short stories.

As always, there’s a message embedded within the words.

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A Gathering of Fish


My earliest memories are of the great god placing me in the clear waters. While I do not clearly recall the moments after that, I saw this great god daily and he provided me and my kin with nourishment and sustenance.

“All praise to the almighty who gives us all we need!”

We lift our voices at the birth and death of light of each cycle in praise and supplication to the one who made us.

“Blessed are the chosen who are called to share in the kingdom of the almighty!”

The elders have taught us from young to eat and train hard so that we can grow to become big and strong and attract the attention of the great god.

Into the Deep…

I am grown now and I have not been chosen.

Is it because I am unworthy?
Or is it for all the times that I bullied and fed on the runts that stuck to the edges of our clear waters?

“O great god; you who dwells above the waters, who with a wave of his hand command the ebbing and rising of the waves, cleansing the filth that murk up the waters and restoring purity to our world; you who swims in the heavens above and command the fate of every fish in these vast waters”.

“I have grown to be the biggest and strongest of my kin and none dare to challenge me. I am worthy of your kingdom… call me into our presence I pray!”

My prayers were barely done when the all-reaching hands of the great god fell upon the waters and scooped me in its all-encompassing hollow.

“Praise to the heavenly fish who looked upon me with mercy and cast his net upon me, calling me from the waters!”

Now I drown in the heavens where there is neither water to breathe nor pressure to swim.
What agony it is to be in his presence.

Sushi… anyone?


P.s: I hope y’all are ready for some binge reading?

The What Could Have Been series continues after such a long break. I’ll put up the links to the preceeding parts for those of us who are yet to read them or maybe have forgotten what it’s all about.

Just stay tuned is all.

Kane out!!!


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