I Lost

Greetings y’all!

Another weekend another poem. Somehow, there have been more poems than anything else of late but that will be remedied soon enough.The WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN series will be continued in the very near future.Anyways, I give another thoughtful piece by Zephyr.Read! Like!! Comment!!! FOLLOW!!!


So much I have failed to do,

So many things I could have said.

Many ways I could have shown you just how much you mean to me,

I could have told you.

Maybe I should have been more forthcoming with my thoughts,

More assertive in my actions,

More possessive in my ownership.

But I wasn’t

I lost you


I let doubt sprout over the years unnoticed,

Slowly blooming like the biblical tares planted by the enemy.

But there was no one to blame;

You see, I was the enemy,

I sowed those seeds of doubt in you.

My carelessness, my fears, my ineptitude were all manure.

And so doubt thrived.

Watching you leave…


Choking whatever seeds of love grew on the rocky soil of your heart.

How should I have known that I had to water you daily?

How was I to know that love needed so much care to grow?

“That’s too high maintenance”, I remember saying.

I sure as hell didn’t sign up for that.

I never realized that you never wanted much.

If only I understood your truth…

Time to say goodbye…

I perceived you as high maintenance,

Cos I was sadly below average myself.

I didn’t even realize I had stumbled upon diamonds,

I just saw a shiny rock to play with and admire at my fancy.

I never understood why the world seemed to want you,

I didn’t know your value,

I refused to acknowledge your beautiful.

And so I lost.

I lost in the end

– Zephyr

P.s: A special shout-out to the July babies of the week… Both beautiful beyond doubt and happy folks with lots of smiles.

God crown your age with wisdom and open a path before you.



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