I Sing

Greetings y’all.

I give you a piece of undiluted praise in this psalm of words, written by- an ardent follower of the #quillsonfiremovement in his debut work here with us- Lord Ender.

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The Psalmist…

I Sing

There are a thousand reasons why I must fear,
a thousand reasons to run and hide.
The monsters in the night that seek my light,
to put me out and quench my soul.
The children of men with their blades of steel,
they eye my loot, to carve and steal.
Eve and her ilk, they watch as well,
they seek to put me beneath a spell.
My only strength in all my fear,
Is God the Father who is ever near.

He gave me tongue to praise his name,
I am no David, but I pray as I sing.


There are a thousand times when I fell to sin,
a thousand times I hid my face.
There were the days when I cheated in class,
the tests had no answers and I had to pass.
I took from another what was not given,
But they took from me and now we’re even.
“Objection Your Honour! Leading the witness”;
Who cares about fact when the truth is useless,
As long as I’ll win, I’ll lie till I’m toothless.
And yet I feel a burden within me,
God the Son, ever redeeming.

He cleansed my sins at the foot of the cross.
I am no David, yet I cry as I sing.


There are a thousand doubts that fill my mind,
for the thousand dreams that keep me awake.
Sleep is never near, my thoughts on tomorrow,
life as a pauper; the sorrow? No-no.
“Hustle make another man no steal your mango!”
I hustle, but there are many who wish to steal mine and go.
I’m building castles and blazing a trail,
though unseen attacks are hot on my tail.
He preserves me, my shield in the night,
God the Spirit; of power and might.

He gives me wings that I may fly,
I am no David, but I dance as I sing.


I’m eternally in awe of the One in Three,
who without aid, made me whole, gave me life.
Everyday He fuels my heart,
He set me on the path of righteousness.
Lifeless; I breathe,
Lost; now redeemed,
The foolish grow wise, just kneel before him.
Freely we receive, great gifts He has given,
Debtors we are, we can never repay.
Let’s sing and laud His name, forever,
our every breath is by His will, eternal.

Praise undiluted, our arms we’ll raise,
I am no David, but I’ll shout as I sing.


-Lord Ender


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