Greetings y’all!

Happy weekend, and I hope the wet is good for y’all.

As promised, I give you a piece by our very own Zephyr. It is short and somewhat funny but truth rings loud in every line.

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What color of despair is this?

The drops of rain sizzle on my hot skin,

The elements are engaged in a fierce battle;

Yet I don’t seem to notice for the clanging in my head,

Evidenced in the blood curling war going on in my intestines.

Give me some sugar so I may have the energy to carry on,

Something to burn instead of tissues and blood vessels.

Thin and sexy?

Oh how fair I look!

My paleness an aesthetic statement of chronic malnourishment.

No extra fat will you find on my body;

Lean of flesh and toned of skin am I,

Equipped with a flat tummy to die for,

My testament of an empty stomach,

I stagger on, drunk on an empty cup.

Hunger Packs Γ—6…

I did not wish for these sharp cheek bones y’all seem to desire,

Nor do I crave this model like frame I am saddled with.

The gullies just below my neck are not an intentional fashion statement,

Neither is my neck slender to better showcase jewels and precious stones.

Hawt or no?!

Small pert breasts are all the rage, I hear;

I’ve got that covered whether I like it or not.

My lean, strong calves are, but, a testimony to long weeks of trekking everywhere.

Don’t envy my taut backside,

I had no say in what it has turned into.

Oh that I would not be in this body you so covert!

That I would have all the flesh you seem to scorn,

And the curves that make you bitter,

All of your beauty which you call flaws

I want it all!

Orobo toh badt!!!

But I wouldn’t give you my body,

It is but pain and suffering.

If only you know that this beautiful body you desire,

Is but hunger’s masterpiece!



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