Morning Glory

Hello everybody!!!

I have been AWOL for too long and I know y’all are probably shaking your heads at my epileptic updates… Make una no vex plenty abeg.

‘Nyhoo… This is another super short piece that details on the uncanny love between two individuals.

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Morning Glory…

Every morning, her gentle fingers stroke my spine.
So much love, so much affection,
Not unlike a mother and her babe.

In the glorious golden grey of dawn,
She plucks my strongest leaves,
Each morn heralds my amputation anew.

I love how she cares for me, how she touches me…

The Caregiver

This is why I exist…

I die that she might live…

Grow a little wiser,

Soar a little higher.

Here she is again, fingers against my spine.
My veins aflame with my need of her.

There’s wisdom in my love.

I love how she loves me…

The Homecoming

P.s: I will be putting up another piece before I get week end, something by the sizzling poet, Zephyr.

Be prepared.

Kane out!!!


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