The Captive

Greetings my good people.

Here’s another piece of literature… From me to y’all with love.

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The Captive…


As a butterfly in a cocoon,
An eagle in its shell,
Counting moments before the break of dawn.

Like a bronco in harness,
A lion in a cage,
Prancing and bucking, “let me out of my hell!”

Like a grounded dragon,
Wings asunder;
A sinking ship,
Wares all plundered.

Fall of a Dragon…

With taste of glory still on my lips,
I sit alone in my lonely keep.

Take this breath,
This stale old air;
Take my weary eyes,
They dull with age.

Give me color,
Give my life;
A draught of air,
Fresh from the meadow.

Burn me a flame,
There’s a chill in my heart.
Whose, then, the blame,
This wintery hearth?

Frozen flames…

A moment to run and jump,
To swim in the wind,
Another for the slip and fall;
A shock to the limbs.

Take me away,
If for a day;
Show me the way
To dance and play.

Oh joy and mirth,
My souls delight.
Oh quiet pain,
My light, unbright!

I yearn for life,
I yearn for light.
I yearn for the sun,
Beyond these walls.

As a buffalo under yoke,
A tiger cub in a crib;
As a hyena in chains,
I long to be free.

For Jess…

Beauty from Ashes…

P.s: I’m glad to know you are back on your feet Missy… What do you say we go clubbing this weekend?


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