Greetings people!

Yaya Azumi to my fasting brethrens, and a merry weekend to us all.

I give you another body of words that is my own view of the truths I see around me.

As always, there is a message for all who pause and ponder.

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Nice to meet you…


How to know the sons of Eve,
And her myriad daughters that fill the globe;
They lift their hands and scream each day,
Each passing roar fills the air:
This is my face, this my song,
Remember my deeds,
Remember my name.
They fight each day until its dying,
To ever be unforgettable.

Me! Me!! Me!!!

Of all creatures carved by the Maker,
Only man dreams of such glory.
Of Flies and Lizards and Birds of the air,
And all the Runners that roam the surface,
Even the Crawlers that wiggle beneath;
They live and breathe just for the moment,
Content to eat and fuck their days away.
Simple and true to their very nature,
Forgettable, they seem in every way.

Hive mentality…

I guess I’m no son of Eve,
For I wish for neither fame nor glory.
Neither am I a simple creature,
For I require more than life’s simple joys.
I wish to be remembered not by name,
All good names fall to the mud.
This is my face, hairy and fleshy,
It goes to dust with each passing day.
I leave behind only my words.
Words; and the great power contained therein.
Words that birthed our world supreme,
Words that could end the suffering of many.
I leave my words and a ‘nom-de-plume’.

And then there was light…

I know too well my short comings,
But I’ll leave a seed to grow through the ages.
I wish to be forgottable in every way,
Forgetten by all who know and love me.
Let my words tell my story,
They are the only gift I’ve ever had.
Only gift I have to give.

From me to you..

Call me Kane.


P.s: El Hesse will be gracing our minds with a series of flash poetry next week… Come prepared.

Until then, Ciao!!!


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