I Miss You…

Greetings y’all!

It have ‘tayyed’ small since I perturbed you good people with the proceeds of my overactive mind.

This body of words is still bothering from yours truly kpa-kpa… I bring you another piece of genius from our rising star… Zephyr.

This is I Miss You.

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I miss you…


I never knew it was possible to feel this way;

Despair eating through my insides like caterpillars on leaves.

The heaviness in my limbs,

There is no art to my movements.

No beauty whatsoever to be gotten from a heavy heart…

So I slugger.

There is this constant wooziness,

I feel like someone high on cheap drugs.

There is no coordination in my words ‘cos my brain refuses to function

My tummy churns like a chain saw was set loose in there

My eyes betray me in the worst possible way

Still I refuse to show the world my tears

Hence, I slugger on.

Every waking hour…

My chest beats out of rhythm to the dis-melody of my heart,

A heavy heart where there is no music.

I listen, but you see, I hear nothing

Because there is no sound

Nothing makes sense;

Try as I may, my brain cannot process gibberish around me.

I have no other choice but to slugger on

If only I would admit to myself that things only make sense when you’re around

My ears are trained to listen to your voice and hear your unspoken words

My limbs only move in an aesthetic manner when your eyes are on me

My lips can only speak sense when they dance in sync with yours

My eyes only sparkle when I behold your beautiful.

I can only be high on you, so all else feel like cheap weed

You put butterflies in my belly so I’m all aflutter.

My heart beats out only to the rhythm of yours

How then can all be right in my world when you’re not here?

With me… in my arms whelming each other.

I miss you

So please don’t stay away too long

I need you more than the starving need food

Come, stay with me

Let me show you how much I need you

I miss you

So please, don’t stay away too long

And I have more than just a few of those…

– Zephyr



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