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Who can tell where the wind will go?
Where the the first dew pearls will glisten and glow?
Who can tell when the tides will come?
When the last iceberg will crumble and fall?
There’s a lot we may know today,
But there’s even more that we’ll never know.

Who can tell how these saints are born?
How these little ones take the forms of men?
Who can tell how these ashes are formed?
How those, once living, now gone from our sights?
Like all good things of earthly joy,
All bright hues fade away in time.

Who can tell when last she smiled?
When last he heard her laugh so bright?
Who can tell me where she’s gone?
We’ll find a way, she has time still.
This great light now lost to night,
We call and we pray, but she’s gone too far.

Sorrow that lasts even till morning,
Joy that seems too far from sight.
The dark cloaked villain steals again,
A radiant beauty hid below the dust.

Who can tell when this grief will pass?
Who can live with all this pain?
Who can tell the reason why?
Who can tell the reason why?

I’ll burn a lamp each day your are gone,
Lighting your way until you come home.

My heart is rend, so I must grieve.
My friend is gone… Gone from me.
We’ll meet again, this is my hope,
In a glorious hall to part no more


P.s: May the soul of the gentle Theresa Njuwa, and the souls or all the faithful departed; through the mercy of God rest in peace… Amen!!!


  1. Hmm, it is still surreal.

    Like a movie that we know this narrative will still turn out to be a lie, cos the protagonist/heroine cannot die.

    Alas, because of EASTER Resurrection and celebration of LIFE (her birthday), we recognise that she lives and celebrates a new birthday sort of, in anither plane where there is no pain.

    It is the truth and hopefully the consolation of the many lives her short life had touched.

    May the beauty in all of this be made apparent to all and most importantly, to the family left behind. We ask that Mater Dolorosa who had known the 7 sorrows, console the grieving mother and family.
    We can only pray.

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