Greetings y’all!

It’s been a week and extra since you heard from me… It’s been one long week and extra I tell ya, but we are alive and well.

A short poem to tease your senses. It ain’t much, but I’m thinking y’all would like what I have in store for ya.

You would also notice that I’m beefing up the face of this here blog. Look through and leave a tip or two as to how I can make your experience note worthy.

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Let me explain…

My heart is of light, but I am born to darkness.

My hands stay pure yet I am covered in blood.

My eyes are open but it is stunned by the light.

A free gift taken with pound of flesh,
A great tree standing in a barren soil.

All that is given is taken for granted,
All that is granted is taken by blood.

I am what I am… There is no other me,
Yet within my soul are a myriad others.

I live, I exist, I am here… Alive.

This much is enough.

images 5

Let it set you free…


P.s: May don start and all those unlucky kids who narrowly missed April are beginning to show themselves… For example, this pinza!

MayWeather somborri…

P.p.s: I will, in the near future, be releasing some feature length novels here on this blog that would require you, my awesome readers, to donate to the cause of the writer(s) of the stories that pique your interest.

I look forward to your cooperation.

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