The Innocent Heart

Greetings y’all!

Without much ado, I give you a brutally honest writer, Words Truly.

Open your minds folks, a dose of truth coming your way!

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He’s not mine!
He’s Yours!

I’m not your enemy
I’m just your husband’s girlfriend!

I didn’t bargain for this!
It was all him.
I think your real enemy is him, not me.
Probably the devil that is trying to use him to break your home.

I didn’t bargain for this
He keeps coming at me
He keeps talking to me
He always wants to be with me
Telling me all that has happened
How far you are from him.
The state of the house… dirty,
How your body has changed… obese.

Can you blame him?..

He tells me how he wants new,
How he wants freaky.
He wants you, but in a different body
I’m not trying to make you feel less
But it’s either you step up your game
Or he steps down his taste.

I didn’t bargain for this!
I’m just an innocent bystander.
Just a victim of my own blessings,
I am as helpless in this as you.
Believe or don’t, I am innocent at heart.

I would have known how to handle it better
If my dad was home to teach me the ways of men,
Or the truth of how most married men are.
Yes! Call it a lack of home training
I’ll agree!
But I guess you two have a home
So teach him!
Husbands should stay at home with their wives!
That’s home training too, is it not?

Don’t leave home…

I didn’t bargain for this
To be at war with a fellow woman over a man?
But come to think of it
Why do we women fight ourselves
When we know our real problem here is the man
Guess we are too scared of the truth,
Too scared to face the facts
The fact that he cheated!
The fact that he may never be sorry for it!
The fact that he may walk away!

I’m not your enemy,
I’m just your husband’s girlfriend!
I’m not your problem
So, let me be!

The Other Woman…

Words Truly

P.s: Mad respects for this piece of harsh truth. Woe is you if you miss the true message embedded within this serving of literature.

P.p.s: Too many people celebrating birthday this month… Here’s another one, one of my oldest friends. That Ibo Boy...

April’s fool… 14th of his name!

P.p.p.s: Xanda, artiste extraordinaire, drops two singles in 9 days folks… #Anticipate!!!


Jazz Me…


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