He Calls Me Baby…

Greetings y’all!

Here’s another poem by yet another wordsmith.

He Calls Me Baby, by El Hesse is one of those poems that leaves you thinking. I’m sure you will enjoy this short piece.

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He calls me baby…

He Calls Me Baby

Your father, he calls me Baby…
He looks at me, so ravenous… so hungry.
Eyes, like desperate hands, over my body.
Mine is not the throne of mercy,
Yet he approaches boldly

Your father, he calls me Baby…
He tries with words so sickly… so sweet
And money, like kisses, he lays at my feet
To have a taste of that fount where fleshy slopes meet.
He’s too much a man to admit defeat.

It’s just numbers…

Your father, he calls me Baby…
It’s been months, he’s relentless still,
He’s sure I gave him an ill, yet I am his cure.
Like a predator in-wait for his kill,
He says “Baby is it money? I’ll give you more”

So when I say ” Don’t call me “Baby”
I bet you didn’t think this was why.

Here’s another truth to blow your mind
We are friends, your sister and I.
It started with a smile and a lingering gaze,
A careless fall and a quiet call.
I was shocked when I found.
We’re dear friends, your sister and I,
And yet, my father, he calls her Baby.

Me love you long time…

– El Hesse

P.s: Need I say more?!

P.p.s: Like I said earlier, a lot of children are born in the month of April. Most of my close buddies are actually.

I’ll just leave his picture here…

April’s fools… 11th of his name.


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