Greetings one and all…

Like I said on Monday, there are way too many April babies in my life, so today again, I dedicate this body of words to another one of them.

Zephyr, a genuine wordsmith of her own right, gives us a piece of her state of mind.

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Thoughtless and empty,

Confused, disoriented.

The continuous banging, almost harmonious,

The ceaseless chaos… Aesthetic

Iโ€™m alive… a living entity in the world,

Still, I am dead to this world.

Thoughtless and empty,

A myriad emotions, yet unfeeling.

Through the mind’s eye…

How did I get here?

A nowhere begotten of somewhere

Thoughtless and empty

Confused and disoriented

To live is to die,

Yet, to die is to live still.

When ironies kiss,

Opposites become one.

Insane in sanity…

Insane in Sanity…

I’ve journeyed through the world of the wise,

Yet foolish I am still.

Spin long tales, I buffer the truth,

A truth but a lie

The ones who were right all left,

The ones left were never right.

Yet the question is unanswered,

If wrong becomes right, does it mean right is wrong?

And here I remain,

Thoughtless and empty.

Confused and disoriented

This ceaseless chaos… My aesthetic harmony.

Mind Blown…

– Zephyr

P.s: Hot damn!!!!

P.p.s: Sheesh!!! This fellow just doesn’t have a presence online! Not a one picture of him. O well..

I give you The Grand Fischer that we call… The PEACOCK!!!

April’s Fool… Fifth of his name.


  1. Iโ€™m confused,do Yu have an online presence๐Ÿ™. How many of Yur pictures are available as a whole๐Ÿคท๐Ÿฝโ€โ™€๏ธ

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