Growing Young…

Greetings everyone!!!
It’s been a long while since I was last here.

Honest truth; I realised I had lost the thread I began the WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN series with.

I had hoped I could keep away to reconnect with the source, but alas, Tobe and his beautiful Jane are not feeling very forthcoming with me.

So I shall continue with other things. I beg your indulgence.

In other, heart lifting, news: our own Thöriniel has decided to crawl out from beneath his rock and grace us with another piece of literature.

That should pop up in a few days from now.

Also, we have another poet, another lady poet… even more, there’s two of them. Zephyr and El Hesse will be teasing our minds with buzz in the days to come.

Relax and enjoy…

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Too much… Too fast…


When he was little, he hated his age.
All his friends seemed older and wiser.
He looked up at everyone he looked up to.
He prayed each night to hasten the time,
To hurry the years till he grew up.

The Cool Cat…


Seasons changed and so did he.
His chubby cheeks gave way to whiskers.
At long last, he’d grown up.
His old friends were older still,
Family and duty called them away.
He turned to his peers whom once he shunned.
They looked at him and called him sir.
He’d become an old soul in a boy’s shell.


He’s older now and there are missing days,
Days he’d stayed away from home,
Days he’d trained in the arts of the wizened.
He’s older now and he finds himself yearning,
Fighting to hold on to his last years of summer.

The struggle to fit in…


So he trimmed his jeans and dyed his hair.
He learned to sag and talk with swag.
He surrounded himself with kids in their youth,
Looking up to them who look up at him.
He learned to laugh and live in the moment,
Things his peers had left behind.
He became a young soul in an aged body.
He fights still, as he always does,
Only now he fights to turn back time…
Or at least, slow down its restless march.

Old papa youngy…


Ironic, is it not?
The blind desire of the ambitious souls
Who haste to climb seek only to revert.

Rafael Kane


P. S: Thöriniel’s The Darkness Within… Coming soon!!!


  1. How quickly time flies. And to think flies have a short life span. Lol… I have no idea what punchline I’m driving at 😪😩, but good one mate😁👍.
    Looking forward to the works of Thöriniel them ‘young poets’ 😏🌚 too.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. “He looked up at everyone he looked up to” I thought this was my best line, then I saw this: “Looking up to them who look up at him”
    Cool, Kane!

    Liked by 1 person

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