My Dreams are Come True.

Greetings y’all…

Like I said last week, I have decided to let love play a bigger role in my life this year. So most of my works will have a lot of lovey-dovey and gooey material in it.

I promise not to go all sap and drippy like our friend, ThΓΆriniel.

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I closed my eyes to sleep
“If only I could see your face again”.
If only I could hear her call my name once more
That is all I’ll need…
And my dreams are come true.

Restless without you…

“I can’t sleep”, she whispered,
Crawling into bed with me.
Cold, wanting,
In need of my warmth.
I am happy, she’s here with me…
In my arms again.
My dreams are come true.

In my arms… where you belong…

I woke up the next morning
Cold and alone
The scent of her breath filling my head
Clutching the dress she was buried in.
my dreams are come true.

Till death do us part…


  1. How can the Narrator be clutching dress she was buried in? Did he exhume the body to do so? (no necro—l– ejor)

    As I sit and ponder, and consider the phrase: LOVE DIED….
    and the fact that people call their loved one their LOVE,
    I realise(d) that it might not necessarily be that the writer Kane is saying the woman died, but that the love died, and if the love of the man is the woman, then it means she died…

    okay, next… let me coman be going to rationalise what the burial clothing means….
    Did someone just say it’s not that deep? I say it is oh. It is from the deep abi depths that the burial cloth was fetched.

    MiniBlog entry ends.

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    1. Nah.
      I tried, still no figuring it out…
      The symbolism of the Burial cloth be shrouded in mystery…(only surpassed by the Shroud of Turin…sorry, could not help this one).

      However, all pondering was not wasted.
      Why, Kane, are YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE in the end when in the end, the narrator is suggesting that his love is no more.
      Did he dream of that too?
      Is that why he is not shedding tears and blowing/cleaning his nose with the burial cloth/es?
      Does he plan to join her in the great beyond?
      Oh, so many questions!

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      1. This girlKnight… You wow me.

        But yes.

        He dreamt that his dead love returned to him and it did, if only as a ghost of what he lost.

        He’s happiness is not the goal, it’s what he wishes for and what he yearns for that pushed us to write


      2. “pushed US to write”? Hmm, are Kane the writer and the nameless Narrator who you refer to as US? OR Is Kane the writer a conglomerate of several narrators who come out to play when they choose….hence, he is a perpetual US?

        Now ends this session of eccentric commenting…. too much inhalation of Armour polish can cause it, I hear. Shalom.

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  2. Well Sweet Angels and Saints. Kane finally entered the frequency.

    So Kane when exactly the asoebi dey commot make we start dey gather the money.
    Because after all this writing like this, it’s only a matter of time.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Well we need to plan this thing because my account balance and Otedola pikin no dey read the same value. πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ

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  3. Uncle Kane…

    This love business no fit you rara!!! Just go back to being a douchebag.

    P.s: A great poem by the way. You dey burst my brain dude.


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