Auld Hurts…

Greetings y’all.

It’s a few days to Christmas and I something of a special poem for y’all.

Sit back, relax, and put in your thinking hats, this will not be obvious too quickly.

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Sticky Truth…

And what is that supposed to mean?

What do you mean untouched?

You just told me you are with child and yet you cry ‘untouched?

You must think me a fool to look me in the eye,

Hands extended,

Demanding I believe your tale.

Believe a story riddled with indiscernible truths?


Mariam… you shame me!

These long years I waited to hold your hands in mine,

I waited patiently that I may call you wife.

But you have betrayed my wait…

You swell with another’s seed.

You have shamed me Mariam!!

You have shamed us all!!!


It took me a year hold your hands so fair,

It took many years after to hold you in my arms.

I still wait to claim your lips for mine.

All these feats that took me the time

It takes a hatchling eagle to raise sire a child,

It is paled by the time it took you to betray my wait…

Two months!!!

Maledicat Dominus!!! (Cursing in Latin)


How then did you come to be with child?

You say you have been true to me, then how did this happen?

Do not plead Non ita est! (It is not so)

I must be confused, but did you say an angel?

An angel?

The gall!!!

Oh! That’s not what you mean?

Then tell me what you meant.

Quid tu moraris Mariam. (What are you waiting for?

Dawn of the Nephilim…


Ok… not an angel now, but God Himself?!

The Spirit of God?!

Forgive my confusion, but you must be mad!

You must have lost what sense you have about you.

We are Jews Mariam, not Greeks,

YHWEH does not lust after his creation.

He is above all things,

He sees all things.

But you know all these already.

I’ll leave you to the mercy of the elders come Sabbath.

I’m going to Zebbedi’s.

I’m sure he’ll have a warm cup of milk for me.

I weary of such blatant blasphemy.


Yes! I must.

I must leave this vicinity,

Lest the anger of the Lord fall upon me as well.

One peal of lightning should suffice.

Is it not obvious?

I am done with you.

I will send word to your father Joachim,

I know he will understand.

I’ll let the elder’s decide your fate.

I do not jest, Mariam.

I do not mince words!

Consummatum est!!! (It is finished)


The Legendary Stand-in

Ok… this should raise some concern…


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