Captain Drake II

The following body of words contains scenes of language, sex and violence which some readers may find disturbing.

Reader discretion is advised!

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Drake’s eyes were out of focus and he could not make out anything that crossed his eye except for black and gold and stars and fireworks. He thought he could feel himself weaken as liquid essence leaked out of him in drops and trickles. He could not tell his left from his right and he felt like he was lying on the clouds and looking up at the earth. Heat, he could feel a molten heat overwhelm his senses.


He could not see clearly, but he could hear her moan as she rode him passionately. Her breath came in short gusts and he could feel her pressing against his chest, fingers digging into his flesh as she drove him off the cliff of sentience into oblivion.


Her slim waist seemed so far and out of reach, her graceful hips undulated and gyrated as she worked him over and over, turning his confused brain into putty. Her full breasts swayed and jiggled as she moved up and down, lifting herself almost entirely off his rigid length and then slamming down to grind her pubis against his crotch in a resounding clap. Drake looked at the fluid mess that percolated at the place where they were joined, at the hot, creamy and almost viscous wetness that splashed every time she slammed her crotch against his.

‘Hot damn!’ he thought to himself.


She was hot from within and even hotter to the touch. Her burning heat set off an equal hotness in him as he felt himself burning up in the molten pleasure that rose from their act of mutual appreciation of the other’s body.


She screamed, almost in terror as she submitted to her body’s demand and stayed captive in the throes of ecstatic devolution. He thrust out his hands to grab her swaying breast, cupping and fondling but mostly, he tried to stabilize and reorient himself in the whirlwind pace of their frantic and passionate session.


He could not understand how he got to this point. ‘This point’ being somewhere outdoors and foolishly close to a huge bonfire as he could now identify the golden glow of the hellish flames burning steadily in the background.

“Am I dreaming?”

Last he checked, this woman hated his guts and wanted him dead. She would most definitely NOT be happy and/or pleased to be with him after that one time, but contrary to hard facts and common sense, she was bent over him, covered in sweat that ran off her nipples and nose and hung off her eyelashes. A wanton grin was plastered on her lips and a crazed, yet, moronic visage could be seen in her crossed eyes.

“CAPTAIN DRAKE!!!” she called out in desperation.

“I am definitely dreaming!” he was sure of it now. Lt.Col Abigail would rather put a bullet between his eyebrows than part her thighs that he may partake of the treasured honey that lay within. Not with all the hellish treatment she had sent his way these past weeks.

Dream or no though, the woman was a true beauty; as such, she should be fucked with an intense amount of dedication. Resolving to enjoy this illusion as it were, Drake threw his thoughts of caution and confusion to the wind and gripped her waist and thrust back at her with as much vigour and power as his back could deliver. He smiled as she gasped in delight, wrapping one hand around her neck; he took charge of their session. It was at that point that she struck.



“Captain Drake!” A panicked voice called, “You must wake up! The insurgents are coming!”

‘What the Fuck?!’ Drake thought. He had regained his senses, half a minute ago, to world of silence and a blinding white that robbed him of sight. The lady’s voice was the first thing that broke through his fog of nothingness, and with it came a plethora of sounds and colours and worst of all, he felt pain… everywhere.

There was a ringing sound in his ear that more or less eclipsed every other sound he could hear, he thought he could feel some liquid stuff dripping out of his ear. Judging by the blood he could taste in his mouth, he had a fair sense that he was bleeding from his ears as well.

Struggling to sit up, Drake did his best to ignore the banging in his head, the burning ache on his back and the throbbing tumescence in his trousers.

‘How am I even turned on right now?’ he couldn’t help asking. His life was in danger and somehow, his mind drifted to the one woman who hated the very air he breathed.

‘I need to get my head checked’, he thought as he sought some measure of comfort.

Looking around in the open roof truck in which he found himself, he took in the sights of the girl who woke him up, ignoring how her dark skin kinda sparkled in the golden glow of the fire the illuminated the night. He also tried to ignore how pretty and stunning she looked as panic and fear distorted her face. He saw the yellow haired albino man, in his late 30’s, whose face was peppered with freckles and burn marks. Both of them were covered in filth and bruises that was the result of going several days without bathing in the custody of uncouth insurgents.


Driving the truck was the, almost insane – trigger happy, Capt. Ogbu of the Special Forces Tactical Squad, Drake’s partner for this 2 man rescue mission. The bastard had a smile plastered on his face the entire time he was racing away from the burning village that served as the base camp of the insurgents who were in hot pursuit, and into the darkness.

“Yo Drake”, Ogbu began, “My maan! It’s good to have you back” The mad man turned his head to look at Drake who was still unsure as to how he got into the truck in the first place. “You had us worried for a while there buddy! You ok?!”

“Dude!” Drake cautioned heatedly albeit weakly, “Focus on the road. I’m fine”

“Fresh!!!” Ogbu laughed as he turned back to the road.

“What happened?”

“Hehehe! You got tossed off the truck when their tanks blew up!” Ogbu was very tickled by the idea, “It was hilarious man! You should have seen it!”

“Mad man”, Drake muttered under his breath as he reached for his rifle, the M16 (circa ’98) that had the advanced pistol grip and buttstock, as well as the semi-auto and three-round burst only fire selector. It was Drake’s most prized possession, it was gifted to him by his instructor when he finished from the academy, he never let it out of his sight for longer than was necessary.

Thinking about the series of events that led to him being on this almost suicide mission, he couldn’t help shaking his head and sighing bitterly.

“I fucked up!”


It had been 21 days since he bedded Lt.Col. Abigail. 21 days of hellish torment. He had tried to let her down nicely, well, as nice as humanly possible.

“Love is not a concept I believe in”, he had explained, “It’s a hollow emotion that leaves people susceptible to more harm and damage than they ought to expose themselves to”.

He spoke with eloquence and grand gestures about how she would only gain heartaches and avoidable worries if she allowed herself to love him as he would not be able to reciprocate. Said he was doing her a favour by turning her down.

‘There’, he thought, ‘That ought to throw her off for a while’.

He was wrong. Very wrong.

The smug smile he had on his face as he spewed his bullshit to Abigail was rubbed off with a series of rapid fire slaps and punches and in between, she raked her nails across his face. She clambered over his naked body and rained down her discontent quietly, letting her fists do the talking.
By the time he returned to his own bed, his face was badly damaged.

Swollen eye, busted lips, claw marks criss-crossed his face and his cheeks were covered in blood where she clawed open the, still fresh, wound where a bullet had grazed him. He was in several tiers of pain.

“Damn!” He muttered just before he slept,“That was a hellish ordeal. I’m sure she has vented all her anger after all that. She shouldn’t come to disturb me after all that”.

He was wrong again. Very wrong.

First came corporal punishment;

6 days isolation in a dried out latrine pit

3 of those were without food.

Toilet duty for 3 days and patrol duty for another 3 days.

As a captain in the army, it was very humiliating and just shy of frustrating, but Drake bore his cross silently.

Some other officers went to speak on his behalf, and she summoned him to her office. He explained how he understood but believed she took her anger and punishment too far;

“After all”, he concluded, “It was just sex”.

Her cold and frigid expression let him know he had made another mistake.


Now here he was, back against the side of a fast moving truck, with what felt like a bruised or cracked rib or two and a major concussion.

“I really fucked up!”

It was supposed to be a retrieval mission; some hotshot journalist daughter of a political juggernaut thought it would be a good idea to go behind enemy lines with her crew and interview the insurgents without informing the army. Drake and Ogbu were sent in to rescue her while 3 companies drew the attention of the insurgents.

Drake was highly impressed by his partner’s skills and worried by the state of his mind. The madman never stopped to find his marks, he just pointed and shot and somehow, he was almost always on target.

Empty clip? Not a problem for Ogbu. He just pulled one of his tiny throwing daggers that were barely longer than Drake’s middle finger and just as thick and he was scary good with his aim.

Translation: Ogbu kicked twice as much ass as Drake wished he could kick.

Do’Ogbu’ Oh Seven

“Fucking Shit!” Ogbu cursed.

“What?” His passengers asked in unison.

“Those bastards are closing on us!”

“I thought you sabotaged their trucks man?!” Drake was unpleased by this piece of news.

“Hehe! I guess I missed a few!” The madman laughed like they were playing a game. “Sorry bro!”

‘This fucker is insane!’ Drake reached for his tested and trusted M16 checking his ammo and arranging his clips for easy access. He already had more brushes with death in this one night than in his entire career in the army.

‘If I survive this shit, I’ll give that evil Jezebel a piece of my mind!’ he concluded.

“Yo Drake!” Ogbu hollered from the front.

“Yea?” Drake didn’t raise his head from the gun he was busy with. He only had six and a half clips left.

“You Ok to drive? I wanna give them some measure of hell. Hehehe!”

Drake could almost hear the madman smile at the idea of changing seat at high speed on a terrible off-road track.

‘This guy is very sick in the head!’ Drake confirmed for the fact he’d concluded several times already.

“Let me drive”, the albino who sat next to Ogbu offered, “I used to smuggle cars across the border when I was younger” he offered as he reached for the steering from his seat.


“Lay on the floor of the truck”, he ordered the panicked dark skinned beauty that woke him up, wondering why he could not tear his eyes off her body.

He raked his eyes over her full lips and her orange sized boobs that were trapped in a singlet that was once white now tending towards a very dirty brown. He watched her apple shaped ass in the air as she squeezed herself into the small space between the seats, Drake thought the view was very inviting and he couldn’t wait to bury his head deep in her nether regions and breathe!!!

“HAAAAHH!” he exhaled deeply, almost tasting the tangy, salty joy he expected to be on his tongue if and when he takes her.

The car swerved briefly as Ogbu switched seats with the albino, derailing his train of thought. Drake found himself cursing the lady whose recklessness put her crew and now himself in danger and mentally flogging himself for getting so easily distracted by the fine piece of ass that was now trapped in-between the front and back seats.

‘Strange how I’m still so hard right now!’ taking a deep breath, he tried to calm himself.

Drake trained his eye on the approaching vehicles and calmly opened fire on the approaching vehicles; they returned his favour in many more folds. Controlled burst of no more than three rounds spat fiery death as Drake aimed his rifle at his foes. He tried not to berate himself when he missed his target, he had to maximise his bullet consumption.

“O BOY!!!” Ogbu cried as soon as he joined the exchange, “IT’S TIME TO PAAAARRRAY!!!” He laughed like a raving lunatic as he sprayed bullets indiscriminately all over the place.

“CHOP CHIN-CHIN!!! CHOP CHIN-CHIN!!!” he roared as he laughed.

‘This guy is mad sha!’ Drake was beginning to hate partner.

Ironically, his shots were way more accurate than Drake’s, much to his (Drake’s) chagrin.

The horrible terrain made for a horrible ride; they were currently speeding along on what seemed to be a mountain pass. There wasn’t much of a climb to begin with, the right side rose slowly into a tall and formidable mountain, while the left side of the pass slowly but steeply disappeared in the darkness and from what Drake could observe, it was a long drop to the bottom of the ravine.

“What evil spirit possessed this one to enter this kind of bad road?” he muttered under his breath.

Drake watched as 1 of the 4 trucks that chased after them tried to speed up and catch up, but the mountain pass was too treacherous to allow for such recklessness, Drake and Ogbu peppered the truck that was already precariously close to the cliff and Drake sighed joyfully as the truck swerved hitting another truck before it went off the edge. The other truck, overcompensating its reach for balance, ran into the wall of the mountain before it went off the edge as well. The remaining trucks did not give up the pursuit, if anything they renewed their vigour.

It had been a 10 minutes of exchange from the moment they escaped the base to this point on the treacherous pass that seemed endless in its winding and twisting, Drake was tired of shooting, worse still, his running low of bullets.

“I’m almost out of ammo!” He informed Ogbu.

“HAHAHA!!! Me too buddy!”

‘What’s now funny about that?’ Drake would’ve have face palmed if his hands weren’t full and his mind wasn’t preoccupied with survival.

They were going downhill when it happened. Drake thought he saw the bullet that whistled past him and he adjusted his position to make sure the next doesn’t find his forehead, while he was about to thank his stars, the truck swerved forcefully and it veered sharply to the right and off the steep cliff.

Down Down and Away!!!

Drake scrambled for a hold as the car swerved, as the car sailed off the cliff, Ogbu was tossed out of the truck and crashed violently against an out-cropping on the side of the hill. Drake watched as the albino, whose head was head now had a bloody hole in it also tumbled out of the sailing truck.

He heard the lady, sandwiched tightly between two seats, screaming on top of her lungs.

“SHIIIT!!!” Drake joined in the screaming.

As the falling truck fell slowly into the darkness, Drake saw the entirety of his life flash past his eye in high definition. He saw all the things he had done wrong and all the things he had failed to do.

‘If they ask me wetin kill me, how I wan take explain say na chop clean mouth cause am?’

“I fucked up!” Drake sighed as he accepted the fact that he was about to die. He closed his eyes, waiting for the inevitable crash that would claim his life.


To be continued…


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