“Is there something wrong with him?”

She asked,

‘How does a man so young live without love?’

She thought,

“I’ll make him love me, I swear I will!”

She swore.


He loved her alright.

In six short months, she had a row with him,

And drove off in a fit.

First was the runaway truck,

Then her faulty brakes.

She flew off the sides, screaming his name.

A watery end beneath the Carter Bridge.

Submarine Test…


“There must be something wrong with him?”

She said,

‘How does a person live without a heart?’

She thought.

“I’ll teach him to love me and only me!”

She swore.


He loved her alright.

On the eve of their first anniversary,

Her happiness and joy was cut short.

She’s a stubborn lady,

So were the robbers.

They gave her few choices; Money or Life.

Such painful death at the muzzle of a robber’s gun.

Money or Life?


“There is something wrong with him!”

She concluded.

‘People say that no girl who has ever loved him

Lived long enough to be an Ex’

She thought,

“Then I shall wait here till he is ready to love,

Then he will come to me!”

She vowed.


“Is there something wrong with her?”

He asked.

‘The others loved me and they were unafraid to show it.

She just sits there, eyes filled with desire,

Yet she says nothing.’

He thought,

“I’ll see to it that she loves with every fibre of her being!”

He swore.


She loved him alright.

In eight short weeks, she was his moon and stars.

Her littlest smile would brighten his day.

Mere thoughts of her would cause him to smile.

It was with such smile that he was thrown in the air.

A drunk driver on a busy road,

Neither saw the other.

He met his end with flowers in his hands,

With a note that said:

Just because it’s Thursday.

Flower for the beauty…?


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