The Betrayal


It’s been a while and some since y’all last heard from us… Much apologies.

I have a poem for you all… A bit on the dark side but I’m sure you would like it.

Oh well…

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I think I’m bleeding,
Cut deep and loosing my
Life pint after pint,
Each following the next
Making sure to grow
Cold before it touches the floor.

Blood on the dancefloor

I think I’m crying,
At least I should be.
I’d cry if I had any tears
Left in my fount,
I’d cry if I were sure I
Remember how to cry.

I think I’m dying,
My life stolen from me
By the hands of Brutus,
The two of them make sure
To drive the blade into my heart
As they fight to watch the light
Fade from my eyes.

Trust issues…

I think I’m dead,
I breathe but it seems its
No soul inhabits this shell
Of flesh,
It’s just a hollow entity.

My violent ending echoes
Into my present,
The blood stained earth fuels
My righteous rage,
I will avenge that blood with blood.

I call for blood,
I call for blood by the

I shall know no rest
Till I drink the blood
Of the very friends who
Dined with mine.

I. Slasher…


  1. Ghen Ghen!!!

    Action film settings!
    You kill my father… Now I kill you!!!

    Nicely done as usual, but I gotta ask, “Who do you?”


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