Sorry I Let You Down

Greetings folks…

Khimid, of the lunar smile, gives us another poem that tells her truth of love gone sour.

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Sorry I Let You Down

How we got here I can’t explain,
We used to be a match made in heaven,
And were the envy of all.

But now my thoughts and voice cause you anger,
My silence is a great offense.
My laughter when you’re angry,
Comes across as mockery

You play the wounded victim,
you act the injured party,
And I, the spectator of your fiasco.
Your show is great to behold.

You are a wolf that devours all in your path,
Yet, you act a dove.
I wish you could let the real you show,
And let the world see you for what you truly are… A wolf.


You only talked to her…
She’s just a friend…
It was just a kiss…
And I was to take it like a pill to cure headaches…

I see now that never will your voice soften,
You fill me with guilt I know I must not feel,
But regardless I feel it.
You make me feel responsible for the things you did,
And such feeling I wish them no more.

I often wished you’d hit me
But that’s as difficult as taking a sip of Smirnoff ice.
The control you exerted on me was unbearable,
But still, I stayed.

Somebody saaaaaaave meeee!!!

What would they say if they knew I let you do stuff the way you want it?
That I’m not in control?
If they knew you don’t submit to me?
If they saw me as just a figure head?

All I wanted was peace,
Your understanding was all I sought.
Your control I wanted no more,
I just wanted you to see me- again.

But who would I turn to?
Who would listen to me?
You’ve painted me as the black sheep, now lost,
And everyone sees me as dirt.
You whom I gave my all and all.
All I wanted was to be the best you’d ever had,
But that has turned to be my worst nightmare.

I can’t change who you are,
I can’t make you understand.
I’m sorry my best wasn’t good enough,
I’m sorry I let you down.

I’m sorry!

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