The Taking

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She giggled, he snickered,

She laughed, he roared.

She sat as he oared,

Together in love,

The day before he died.

It was truly a great day,

With bright sun and a gentle breeze.

They lost her chaperone,

So he roared in glee

And she urged him on.

Till save for the fishes,

They were all alone.

Row Row Row…

Alone they sat,

Broke bread and drank tea.

And as they sat, she made her plan

For on this day,

She’d worked very hard

To steal a few hours away with him

To give him her love.

She fell in his arms,

And with a coy smile, she gave him a kiss

First on the cheek,

And then on the lips.

She reached for his stopper,

He made to protest,

But weak was his will.

He called her his queen,

For truly she was loved.

“O! my love, I see stars in your eyes”

She loved him too, she told him so.

But their every deed was watched from the pier.

At her doorsteps,

He gave her a kiss.

Little did she know, he had kissed her his last.

I’ll see you tomorrow…

She woke up by morn

And was greeted with news,

“I’m sorry Lady Ann but you must take heart”

“Take heart?” She asked.

“The words in the street, Henry died last night”

She gasped, she fainted.

She woke just to cry out her eyes.

She cried all day long,

And by night, she was dead.


  1. The morals dilute from it is first appreciate what you have when it still within your reach, no matter how bad it may look. Sooner or later you will hunger for its values when it is too later.

    Secondly, trust God for strength to face every conditions that may come up, for that will not be the end of life. If God’s willing another opportunity will come your way in life.

    So my people, is not about how it ends that is the issue, but ability to discover the positive force of change that is hidden.

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