My Best Gift to You

She is neither timid nor rigid, she is a humble lady who has the purest smile I’ve seen in a while…

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Khimid!!!


Standing in front of the mirror
Creaming my body after a cool bath
The look on your face as you walked in without knocking
Now that was priceless
Could imagine your eyes all over my body
Where do I start from was what your gaze said.


I shoulda picked up my towel
But no I was enjoying the moment
Seeing as your dick grew hard
And you struggling to keep it together
As I walked closer
You tensed up
But I was only coming for my clothes in d closet
But you were standing right in front of it

Oh!!! How I love to tempt you


As I got dressed I knew you wished you could have me at that moment
But I wasn’t stopping you now was I?


Letting your imagination run wild
Is the best gift I could give to you


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