Greetings people, it’s been a while since we last met in this particular manner – that is me writing/speaking/airing my view of life and you reading/responding/countering my opinion.
I must say that I have missed you all.
The feedback from my recent writeups, so far, has been positive since I started this literary journey despite having made numerous enemies – most especially amongst my adorable female readers. Whichever way, the truth must be told always.
However, since no one wants to know the person behind the persona that is Thöriniel, then I guess the mask will stay on my face and the show will go on for as long as you all want it to.

Faithfulness, is an overrated notion!
That is what comes to mind these days when such topics comes up for discussion as in this generation, our chances of a faithful partner seem slim to none.
The news, these days, is awash with tales of infidelity amongst individuals in a relationship that some individual even created a business out of investigating the level of faithfulness amongst couples. This brand of insanity forced me to question the sanctity of relationships and marriages in this age and time where the idea of sex is being likened to a handshake of sorts.
The sanctity of marriage or relationship is questioned on a daily basis; not just by external factors but also internal factors; casting a harsh and unkind light on the acts and deeds of the players in the game of relationships. Now I find myself questioning the logic behind falling in love in these God-forsaken times!
Besides, I doubt that I am not the only one who wonders what goes on beneath the exterior of every happy couple, or am I?

Be honest, you know you are as curious as I am.

Well, am beginning to become a sadist that feels that happily ever after is just a myth after all. However, I realise that not every relationship is all doom and gloom but the percentage of finding a happy relationship devoid of all its drama and shenanigans is actually slim and close to none.
The very best of us go into relationships with unrealistic aims and when these are not met, frustration sets in.

A relationship ought to be beautiful and full of love but when you throw in cheating husbands into a pot and mix them with unfaithful wives, then you add the madness of marital abuse and garnish it with spousal killings, then it stands to reason that the modern-era marriage is nothing but a pile of horse-shit served on a platter of gold.
Marriage is highly overrated these days, we have allowed the grandeur of love and the notion of a fairytale wedding cloud our judgement when it comes to marriage.
All these makes me ask why in God’s name do we get married these days, there are a lot of uncertainties attached to relationships or marriages which makes me wonder at the end of the day is it worth it.
Nothing beats the love of a good man or a good woman – yes – but sadly, such rare people are hard to find.
The world seems to be in a constant state of moral decay, it is easy to lay the blame of infidelity in failed marriages on any gender but in truth, both genders are to be blamed. A large number of youth spend their days of summer whoring around and being stupidly indulgent in the ways of the flesh, believing they would automatically become morally decent and chaste when they get old enough for marriage.

Fools! The deeds we perform in our youth walk with us till our last days.
In my own humble opinion, despite my new found sadistic tendencies with all its challenges, marriage is worth it especially if one is lucky enough to find a beautiful partner that compliments one’s strengths and shields one’s flaws; but that doesn’t mean we should take it for granted after all diamonds are found in the dirt.
May we all find our better halves even when we are not deserving of it…


  1. Just like u said, in the midst of war, there is relative peace and tranquility.
    So also though faithfulness in r/ship seems to be a mirage, it still exists.
    These days, one has to look beyond that though…
    I agree with you, being faithful in these times is really a battle but one can still emerge victorious


  2. That’s why I hate weddings. Too showy, speaks nothing of what happens when the stark reality of who a person really is slaps you in the face.

    Me? When that reality slaps me, I want it to be the pleasure-pain kinda stuff. If it’s a trait I do not like, let it be the type I can bear to live with.

    I love that line you said about young folks dipping and being dipped into without giving a thought about the future.

    Fidelity is not something that comes upon a person like the Holy Ghost. It is a discipline that is learned not just because of “luuuv” *insert hard roll of the eyes… I’m almost blind here* but for respect of your partner.

    Dear Thöriniel, you are not my enemy on this one; we are friends. Let’s hug. 🤗


  3. The question I’ve always asked is…”What makes a man or woman be unfaithful”

    Severally, I’ve heard guys say it’s their right to be with more than one woman…(Maybe that’s why some of us that don’t like the thought or idea of sharing is still single)

    For the women…some say it’s because the man stopped being who they fell in love and married while others say, it’s to make the man feel same way they felt…

    For me;I think an agreement should be signed at the beginning of every relationship especially in marriage because I don’t even know if to believe in faithfulness and sanctity of the vows taken.

    How many couples even remember the visa the exchanged 1 year after their marriage…

    This thing called man/woman relationship sef…


  4. Whether an agreement is being signed in the beginning of a relationship or not, once a party falls out then that relationship is died.
    Marriage is more or less like a package. When we see other couple’s mingle and tangle or emotional and physical abuse, we still don’t back down rather we encourage ourselves. After all we know what we want, HOPE and pray for before we get into these relationships.


  5. I said it once and I’ll say it again, relationships of any kind need more than love to keep it going. In the case of faithfulness it is, as you have pointed out clearly, a lack of self-discipline that causes folk to let their bodies follow their wandering eyes. I like money, I like cool stuff, but loyalty to self and discipline (and the fear of God) will not allow me to steal. If I will not sabotage myself thusly why should I then do same to another human being wlike me, who has agreed with me to do this “life” thing together?
    If after some soul searching and self examination, a person realizes they cannot be in a monogamous relationship, abeg don’t waste the other individual’s time and lie to them, go and be a “ho” on your own.


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