Beauty and Her Beast II





If ever a litany is written to honor Okon, the above words would be rather commonplace.

Once, a girlfriend had called him a “Heartless savage beast”, and not two days later, her landlady had called him a saint.


You might as well join the myriad of people who are just about as confused as you are.

Okon is a six foot-five inches mountain of a man with broad shoulders and the powerful muscles of a gladiator. He had deep set brown eyes that glowed amber if it catches the light just right. Of course, you would have to look past his deeply furrowed forehead, or the perpetual scowl he wore. His nose was a crooked line that screamed to all who looked, the rough life he led. As was the weird zig-zag scar that ran from his lower lip to his chin. Take away the scowl and the crooked nose and the scars, and you’d have a young man of 24 who could be called handsome. All in all, he was regarded by most of the ladies as a rugged beauty.

“Okon is a nice guy, real cool fellow until you piss him off”, his neighbours would say about him.

“A great guy with the temper of a colony of marching ants”, his sisters might explain, “you just have to know how to carry yourself around him”.

Beautiful and, at the same time, terrible of character! The litany continues as such:

Okon – the Raging beast of Arroma – put his neighbour in the hospital because the man beat up his wife. He threatened to send him back to the hospital if he ever lifted his hand on the woman again.

Okon, the menace, who single-handedly put an end to the reign of Ejimbe and his thieving buddies and the terror they brought upon the neighbourhood.

Okon, the thug, who spent most of a month in prison for thrashing three patrol policemen because their siren was giving him a headache.

black fighter

The Raging Beast of Arroma…

“Okon is a lovable guy with great morals. He’s the greatest guy I know…”

That would be Mimi talking.



“Are you insane?”

Her friends had all asked her when she told them of her plan to woo Okon.

“That guy is nothing but trouble…”

“He’ll hurt you something fierce…”

“Please reconsider…”

All she ever told them was, “I love him”, like that was explanation enough.

Well, for her it was. It has been from she first laid eyes on him. He was playing mocking post (monkey post) soccer with his neighbours on a cool Saturday evening. A beautiful man, with strong brown eyes, who commanded the respect of his peers.

She had watched him run, and play and laugh. She had admired his athletic build and to her thinking, he moved like a dancer. Every step seemed sure, calculated, even and purposeful. The guy seemed to revel in the physical exertion the sport demanded and he looked to be having a good time.

Mimi had rushed home that evening with reddened cheeks and moistened thighs. No man ever had such an effect on her, so she studied him and made her plans to be with him.

Mimi was no slouch herself. At five foot-four inches, she had a diminutive stature, but that was all to be found in the red column.



Mocha skinned and a pretty face with a body that was the stuff of wet dreams. She favoured wrap dresses and skirts that flayed from her wide, child-bearing hips. She loved the way her ample bosom heaved and shuddered when she walked; she loved the way her flat tummy gave way to a thin waist that flared obscenely at the hips.

Her hair and skin were obviously well taken care of as they shone and glowed enhancing the effects of her big, round eyes and her up-turned lips had on the hearts of men.

Mimi was a hottie who knew too well the sway she had over the minds of men and she was not so noble as to not use her assets to get what she desired.

“This is the day”, she said as she admired her reflection in the mirror. “He will be mine; he has little choice in the matter”

How right she was.

* * *

Okon hated many things in his life, and the few things he did love, he loved wholly. so long as it was not peppered with elements of the things he hated.

Among the long list of things our hero-villain hated so much, here are the top 5 things he hates the most (in ascending order):

  • He abhors being around noisy people.
  • He can’t stand being around people who use too much perfume or people who have body odour.
  • He detests having to drink around noisy people.
  • Spending the night with a cadaverous lay to Okon was akin to sitting in a tub filled with fire ants and eviscerating himself while watching pygmy babies skip rope with his innards.
  • Okon hated to be kept waiting.

* * *

The Meeting

“Hi Okon, do you have a minute?”

Okon’s mind was working a mile a minute, wondering and asking how he’d gotten so lucky. He had been minding his business, nursing a half empty bottle of Guinness extra smooth in a sleazy bar in a less than respectable part of town, when this bombshell of a goddess walked up to him.

Her body and figure, wrapped tightly in maroon dress that barely reached her knees, had his blood pumping. However, it was her eyes that drove him closer and closer to insanity as she joined him at his table.

“I’ve been watching you for quite some time now…” she said.

“Huh?” he replied dumbly.

Okon had been through four bottles already, no wonder he was seeing and hearing things. She was moving her lips and words were streaming out but Okon was barely listening.

Her eyes, her eyes told him more than her words ever could.




She wanted him. This goddess was lusting after him and somehow she was afraid of his rejection.


Beauty and The Beast


‘Of course, she’s afraid of you, not your rejection!’ Okon thought to himself. This was someone’s idea of a joke. She was here on another’s bidding, probably trying to lure him into a trap.


“I’m about to leave this dump”, he said with little concern to the fact that he cut her off mid-sentence. “Say what you have to say and make it quick”.

‘Moment of truth…’ Okon thought with a smile, ‘This should send her running for the hills’.


She handed him a small box, not unlike those little boxes that jewelers package their wares with. He opened it to find a heavy silver cross with gold inlaid at the intersection of the cross. The cross was attached to a gold chain which was wrapped loosely around three sachets of durex.

He stared in her eyes, trying to find answers to the questions that plagued his mind.



‘What if…?’

He cleared his mind with a deep breath, her eyes were misting up with the apprehension and fear he’d noticed earlier. She was being sincere, that, or she was a hell of an actress.

“Follow me”.

That night was one huge pot of steamy passion. If someone had told him that morning that he would be spending the night with the perfect woman, he would have blackened the person’s eye. But here she was.

“I want you”.

This woman was created for his tastes. Her lips, her skin, her breasts, her hips. She smelled like a peaceful home ought to smell.

“I need you”.

Her moist depths held him hungrily as he slaved away over her responsive body. Never in his life had he felt as peaceful as he was in her embrace. She calmed his demons. Hell! She tamed them into silent obedience. Even her sweat tasted like an odd mix of honey and ambrosia.

“I love you”

Okon unraveled in her arms as pleasurable release thundered through his mind and soul. In those last lucid moments before darkness took him, he stared in the depths of her dark eyes and tears stung his as he came to a shocking realization.

“I love you too”.


Mimi… ii

Mimi… she became his angel, his goddess, his perfect woman.

Her name was Mimi.

To be continued…


      1. I, like God, give my creations a lot of free will to do as they wish.

        You don’t see God coming down to stop Bobrisky from being stupid does he?
        How dare I, be any different?

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  1. who can effectively say that he or she is surprised with thw direction of this story?

    no do now, one or both of them will die, monkey go mess, akpu go fly gate!!!


    i will gush in moderation so my sister does not get called up


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