FEMINISM…. A load of bullshit

I have made some enemies after the Women are Scum too article, that could not be helped. However, I will not rest my quills and continue to wield the truth no matter whose ox is gored.

Truth is a bitter pill to swallow but, swallow it, we must.

Growing up as a man is already hard enough, however, between the two genders we men tend to find things difficult.

Society has conditioned us to fight always for whatever it is that we want and as such we are never handed down things unlike our female counterparts .

This is not to say that they have always had it easy but they get off the hook easily in most cases.

Let’s take a moment to paint a small picture; imagine two young children – a boy and a girl – probably around six years old and both are engaged in a fight. Guess who gets the lighter punishments?

No… Really… I want to hear your answer.

Even when the female is at fault, she would usually get away with a light tap on the wrist and some bullshit scolding like:

“Don’t do that again, ok?”

Or, “Ladies don’t fight!”

The boy, on the other hand, gets an unholy can of epic ass whooping unleashed upon him by the adult who should be teaching fairness and justice.

Annoying statements such as;

“Do you not know she is a girl and you are a boy?!”

The righteousness in their eyes when they scream such folly…

Well, every young man has had this experience and thus we are always told to always allow the women to take the lead or we are cautioned to go easy on them… Even when the man is the victim.

I will never be in support of violence, no matter the reason, violence is unacceptable. My stance is less of an agreement with the norms of the society and a strong resolution made by a man with a functional moral compass.

Women these days are quick to point accusing fingers at men for everything and anything, and our timelines on social media are thus filled with statements such as men are scum.

Which seems to be further enhanced by the feminist movement that is trending on social media and in most scenario we often tag them as DAUGHTERS OF CHIMAMANDA.

Wetin dey even worry that Chimamanda girl kpa kpa?! Her own don too much.

We should not get it twisted, there are strong and good women out there. Women who challenge and shame the philosophy that says ”I AM BETTER BECAUSE I AM A MAN!!!”

Truth is that whenever we see an individual with a good head on his or her shoulder, we respect them. It doesn’t really matter what gender the person is.

Deborah, the prophetess, led the Isrealites in an era where women were seen as just sperm-receptacles (no offense), and they allowed themselves to be judged by her.

Boudicca, the warrior queen of the Iceni tribe of Britain, united her people against the Romans when their needs were dire.


Condolezza Rice was the 2nd female Secretary of State, 2nd African American to hold the same position and the first female to serve as National Security Advisor to the President of the United States.

Notice how all these women were surrounded by men in times where women didn’t really have a voice and yet they stood out?

Women are becoming delusional with this whole feminism movement, in the words of one of the few men respect;
It is no longer a movement that seeks to enlighten us on the issues that plague the female gender, but it is leaning towards a foolish dimension that no longer touches on gender Equality but rather a deep and biased hatred for men

Harsh, but I agree with him totally.

This movement is now spawned out of the fact that they feel that they can use their status as women and get public sympathy

The problem is not the fact that they want to show us their strength but the method by which they show that strength.

In the course of showing strength they are hurting relationships and marriages as the case may be.

Few weeks ago the Berger to Ajah scenario trended on twitter (if you know you know) and we were entertained with accusations and counter-accusations but the question remains who is to blame?

As every girl, these days, have made Twitter an avenue to report sexual crimes instead of the relevant authorities all in the name of feminism.

You do not demand for respect rather you earn it irrespective of the gender.

You cannot ask to be treated equally with men without putting in the work that we put in.

How can you ask for equal pay without requesting to put in the same hours as we men.

Do not get me wrong, I was always fighting for equal rights for women not until some few years ago. I had an epiphany of sorts and realised then that we are all getting it wrong…. what they should be fighting for is equal opportunities.

Females feel that because they are females that they can get away with anything. This, sadly, is true for most cases but such mentality is doing them more harm than good.

However, they should cease to play the vulnerable card whenever things do not go their way instead they should learn to put in the work and take it in their stride and move on as the rest of us do.

Everyone needs to know their place in the grand scheme of life. Women are angels and men are demi-gods but we cannot exist without one another.

However, I believe I speak on behalf of all the nice guys the world when I say:
Can you women just stop this whole girl-power and feminist thing already?!

Men are actually sick and tired of it, especially the good ones who are ready to love and protect you. We do not need another margret thatcher to challenge us in life.

We need to realise that despite the fact that we need each other, this does not give us the licence to hurt the other, as such; we should be mindful of our actions and stop all this gender bullshit going on around.

Like, what the hell! Can’t we just get along?

Let’s just eat and drink and love and fuck whilst making the world a better place.

Do what you must and the respect due you will come your way. If you have to fight for it, then you are not doing something right.


P.s: I have scored me a few haters and I have been called immature as well because of the fever from the Women are Scum Too article.

Well I am just being me.

Thanks for the love anyways…

It has also come to my notice that many did not believe when Kane, the Uncaring, stated in more words than is normal for him, that he was not Thöriniel.

To this effect… I, Thöriniel, will be doing an exposé on my humble controversial self but it depends on the feedback.

Who wants to know who THÖRINIEL is?

A show of hands would work just fine.


  1. Dear ladies,

    Y’all gotta be strong still, you might not be fortunate to meet a nice guy. When you find yourself in that situation you gotta use your girl power positively and constructively. Now when you are trying to stand up for yourself, you will be seen as the feminist and the witch but don’t listen to them.But then, never pass up an opportunity to fight for yourself when the need arise. Never compromise.

    If you want to be a feminist, please be a feminist to the core, don’t indulge in what is called feminism lite(this is where the problem is).Have an indept knowledge of what it is to be a feminist. You can still be strong and not be a feminist.

    Like thoriniel said, we need each other so, respect them and respect yourself for peace and love to reign.

    P.S. Thoriniel continue hiding.😋



  2. Your friend must be a wise man.

    The movement probably started as a good cause and for genuine reasons, but it evolved into some sort of darkness… it isn’t a bad thing to want to break free of the shackles of the inferiority complex so many carry but in the end… it’s all in your head


  3. I was already in agreement with what you were writing until i read this
    ‘You cannot ask to be treated equally with men without putting in the work that we put in.

    How can you ask for equal pay without requesting to put in the same hours as we men’.
    This statement is highly demeaning. There are tonnes of ladies putting in equal time as men, do your research and not rely on the internet.
    Why the generalization though? Have you met ‘every girl’ or ‘woman’?


    1. My dear I wasn’t generalizing… I have done my research and most of the women fighting for feminism… Are not practicing what they preach or are doing so without knowing what it is all about… besides I remember praising women who put in the work as well.. Even though it wasn’t direct, please read through again… Thank you
      With love… THORINIEL


      1. Nah, I’m good. If you put it in there indirectly, why state the ‘other’ directly? Trying to cause controversy I see…indirectly men are actually the backbone of feminism but y’all just don’t know


      2. We know….. But the question is not if we know…. But do women realise there is strength within them…. If dey do… We all dnt need this feminist bullshit


    2. You can;t easily end it like he picked out that point without facts. yes,we have women that sacrifice alot to make ends meet but can tangle with same responsibilities as of the men.
      We all need each other no matter what to survived this life. i mean WE ALL NEED ONE ANOTHER. nobody is perfect and complete on his/her own.
      there should be another way to find a lasting solution to the female gender issues surrounding our society. this feminist of a thing is crab.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Interesting read though…
    Thought provoking and somewhat personal…lol

    I really try not to bug myself with who Feminists are or what they represent. All I know I respect any hardworking person, man or woman. I respect what being a woman entails and the struggles they’ve passed through or have to pass through sometimes. I respect a man who is ready to work hard.
    We all live in a world where beautiful ideologies sometimes are twisted to represent ideas different from what was originally intended.
    But in all, I think it doesn’t matter who is a feminist or who isn’t… Mutual respect will give room for equal opportunities, flush out sexual exploitation (from both sexes) and allow both races to understand, appreciate the weaknesses of each sex.

    Lol…No need to reveal who Thoriniel is … Yet.


  5. Hunnay!!! MEN ARE SCUM!
    And on Feminism,I think the universe started having issues when females started screaming feminism. Buh charle what do I know🤷🏽‍♀️ I only know I don’t believe in equality of the sexes. And on Begger to Ajah, please don’t associate that chica with us, we have excommunicated her.in fact we don’t know her.


  6. Women are NOT angels and men are not demi-gods. We are all humans that will live to a certain age then die off, probably leaving this same argument to the generations to come.

    We will never stop “girl-power and feminism thing” bullshit. Honestly, it’s quite refreshing and invigorating. 😏

    Be tired of the Feminism movement. But I fear you will keep being tired for a VERY LONG time cause I don’t see this movement coming to an end soon. ☹

    And finally, I think you would love and respect whoever you want even if angry feminists keep bleating their mantra. I mean, is your love and respect depended on the action of these errant females you speak off?

    In conclusion, I do not know what it feels like to be male, and you do not know what it’s like to be female. We can only look in through the window and make conclusions.


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