The Red Ribbon II

The following body of words contains scenes of language and sex which some readers may find disturbing.

Reader discretion is advised!


“What the hell happened last night?!”

The answer came to him in flashes of barely coherent images.

First was the bloody red ribbon, and then lots of alcohol and music and dancing and he thought he saw someone throwing up. James not sure if there were drugs involved, but it would explain his splitting headache.

The images came in like pieces of an ancient puzzle whose surface had faded with time, leaving barely legible hieroglyphs for the adventurer to solve.

He struggled into a sitting position, rubbing the dizziness from his eyes to take in the room.

The room was a mess.

Clothes were strewn all over the place and there were pillows on the table and the duvee was on the floor, even the sheet that covered his body was a messy tangle between his legs. He could not stop himself but wondering how the room got so untidy.

His simple motion of moving his body into a sitting position alerted him to a myriad of stinging sensations all over his body. James could feel some smarting pains on his waist, back and his neck, he was certain that ugly swelling on his chest and shoulder were teeth marks, which begged the question as to how they got there.

He remembered there were a lot of pretty girls; so many that James was tempted to flee the club. He was a really shy fellow and he was most self conscious when he was around pretty girls. He was not sure where he was, but judging by the pink Power Puff Girls sheets and duvee, he could easily tell he was in a girl’s apartment. There was also the picture that sat on the night stand.

He reached for the framed picture on the stand, and as he did, his bare butt scraped against the bed. James paused in surprise at the realization of his nudity under the cover cloth. He also noted that his schlong was quite sore; this implied that he, Doyin Arowosegbe James, had sex last night… a lot of it!

‘With one girl, I hope’, James found himself thinking.

James did not believe in casual sex nor did he agree with complete abstinence either. He followed the feminine school of thought that taught girls to get intimate only with the boys they had strong feelings for. He suffered a hellish amount of teasing in his university days for this belief but it did not affect him much. Sitting on the bed, James hoped, for the sake of his peace of mind, that he had been intimate with only one girl.

Image: (

Looking around the messy room, a fresh set of images poured into his head. Events played in his head, pictures of sweaty bodies slapping against each other in heated passion, images of entwined limbs and the resulting cacophony of moans and grunts and groans. Frenzied partners moving to the ancient and sacred dance that men and women of every race and tongue had danced since time began.

The more he looked around, the more he saw. They had touched every part of the room, on the chair, the table, against the wardrobe and on the floor! James closed his eyes against the mad rush of memories that were filling his mind in a maddening frenzy.


Try as he may, James could not put a face to the girl with whom he had spent the night, he still took the time to sigh in relief at the fact that he had spent the night with only one girl.

He knew she was pretty and fair of skin and she had a somewhat deep huskiness to her voice that sounded like an alto even when she squealed in pleasure. He loved the way she smiled, he remembered telling her that.
James smiled again when he realised he still could not remember her name or face. His mother would throw a hissy fit if she finds out that her son remembered nothing of the girl in whose house he spent the night other than the fact that her name started with the letter ‘M’.

“The picture!” James thought aloud as he reached for the framed picture on the nightstand. He saw her sweet smile and her light brown eyes staring at him from the picture and a smile blossomed on his face.


She was wearing a plain white office shirt with a blood-red ribbon pinned on her chest and smiling broadly at him from inside the frame. She looked different from the cold exterior she displays at the firm but her beauty seemed even more breathtaking!

Unless there had been a mix up somewhere, he had just bedded the hottest girl in the firm, a girl many men would sacrifice a finger or two to spend an hour with. At 5’10”, the Canadian-Nigerian was a sight for sore eyes, she had the gait of a seasoned Victoria’s Secret model and a mouth watering body. With breasts that easily overflowed a grown man’s palm, a thin waist and well rounded hips, Madeline was easily every man’s fantasy girl. James often compared her to Eva Mendes (a caramel skinned, Igbo speaking, middle class Eva Mendes).

Image: (

‘I did alright!’ James thought with a smile. He had always wanted to ask her out, but he did not possess the courage to convey his feelings in words to her. It had taken him three years after his valedictory service in high school to gather enough morale to ask his high school crush out on a date!

If asking his first love to dinner was mission almost-impossible, he already concluded in his heart that asking Madeline out was more of a mission – she’s-way-out-of-your-league (what-the-hell-were-you-thinking).

James could not, for the life of Pi, figure what progression of words and series of events that caused Madeline to say yes to him, but he did not really mind at all, if anything, he felt like patting himself on the back. He rolled off the bed to the bathroom to ease the pressure of his full bladder on his urethra.

“Damn!” James cursed under his breath as he eased himself. Even the bathroom was not spared from the boisterous romping as images of the beauteous Madeline pressed against the bathroom wall and he slaved away in passion behind her as cool water cascaded down their heated flesh.

“Atta’boy James!”

He patted himself on the back as a feeling of prideful satisfaction filled his heart.
At the washbasin, James bowed his head to wash his face, and when he lifted his face to look in the mirror he noticed, through water blurred vision, a sticker with a few words and a blood red ribbon occupying most of the surface of the sticker.

‘This girl has a thing for red ribbons, huh?’

He thought as he wiped the water from his face to read the inscriptions on the sticker.


James remembered he had resolved to stop carrying condoms in his wallet to curb the urge to indulge in casual sex. He finally understood why his schlong felt so sore, all that sex without even a ghost of protection.

“Holy shit!” he whimpered weakly.

James felt his knees turn to jelly as he slowly collapsed to the floor. Even as tears clouded his eyes, he could not stop himself from reading and rereading the words on the sticker that marked the beginning of the end of his life.

The sticker read:

Image: (

“Mo gbe, mo gba!!!”

The End

P.s: How’dy y’all… I trust you all enjoyed it.

This story was written as a part of a collection of short stories, 0 DEGREES ABSTINENCE.

I began the collection years ago and I add stories as the ideas come. They are just my way of teaching the young ones the evils that can come from the lack of abstinence.

(Fun fact: I’m not a fan of abstinence myself! Do what I preach not what I do)

If I have to explain further then maybe this lesson is not for you.

P.p.s: for those that hate/love me for leaving my stories with some sort of open end so that their imaginations can fill the spaces… I love/hate you too.

I have decided that I can continue any of my stories that my esteemed readers ask that I continue, but they will have to suggest the direction of the story and I will pick the idea that tickles me most.

A tale of Amara, for instance, can be continued. You will just have to suggest where the story goes yourselves. My quill at your command.

Warning: If you wish to make them suggestions, kindly do so on the corresponding story.

E.g. a suggestion for a tale of Amara should be commented under a tale of Amara.

Sons of Isaac will also get its suggestions under the story itself and not here.

Thanks,you all, for being such wonderful readers.

Kane out!!!


      1. That’s why i put them there…

        Weird mind that you are linked them where no one else thought to…

        P.s: that’s wasn’t a compliment


  1. Great story.

    Good to know our favourite stories can go past 2 episodes.

    However, KANE I know will definitely not follow our suggestion. He will just go the opposite direction, so I’d better suggest the opposite of what I want

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It would be nice if its just sex and she only supports people with aids not thaf she has it. Maybe we can see james bosses come into the mix somewhere


  3. You are just a sad man! Why did you have to go and make him meet up with a sick person?
    Wait… You said we could ask for sequels, yes?
    Continue this one. I don’t care how you do, just do it.

    Liked by 1 person

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