An Old Man’s Vision


For those in the know, I have been out of town for a while and as such, I have yet to settle down well enough to cook up any stories in a while.

That as it may be; I, Kane, will always try to meet up with the literary demands of my swift-witted readers. With that in mind, I bring you yet another body of words.

Another poem (of sorts). As always, there is a lesson to learn and there is a twist in the plot. I can’t have you guys lazing up on my watch!

Anyways… Read. Like. Comment. Follow!!!


I find no kind words in my thoughts.

I find no peace, just sleepless nights.

I find no refuge from all my hurts.

I find none though I search with all my might.



I see the crying, begging widow.

I see her hungry, sickened son.

I walk the charred plains that was once meadow.

As I sweat beneath the roasting sun.

hungry mother and child



I yelled and they called me mad.

I moved, yet they bade me stop.

They took from me all I had,

And left me with but one ear of crop.

preaching man


With so little choice, I cried to the heavens.

I had too few means to fend for myself.

In my own home, I found not one haven,

To hide, lie and mend soul and self.

crying and praying


To my demands, the gods sent one reply.

On a distant hill, I stood and I watched,

As fire and brimstone was rained from the sky.

I watched from the hills as my city got flushed.

rain of fire


A hit to the head and there is blood on my brows.

“Away with him! Away with his curse!!”

I let my blood flow, I’m an old man now.

He spat in disgust, the lord on his horse.



At the city gates, I stopped and turned.

“Listen you fools and you may yet live!”

They laughed at me, I smiled in return.

“Oh you young fools, you should listen to me!”

laughing crowd


How it burned that night!!!

The fair city of Gommorah had but three survivors,

A young man from Ur and his two daughters.

In Sodom, I cried for two decades,

In Gommorah, I cried for just one evening.

lot and his daughters





  1. @airhee: what are we supposed to click again?

    @Kane: i just reread this and i noticed that your poem has sodom and gomorah being destroyed on different days.
    Can you tell me where you buy your gbana from?

    Liked by 1 person

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