Dear Future Wife


Thöriniel is here again with another powerful epistle that touches on the heart of many young men and their thoughts on the future.

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To my future Missus,


What have you been doing with your wonderful self in all this time we have not met?

I trust you have not let the evils of this world dim the light in your heart that is supposed to guide me to you.

The first lap of my life was filled with women, some were crucial (my mother, sister, aunts and the likes) while others were a necessary evil (I could have lived fine without them, they were simply holding place. They shall not be a problem once I find you).

You, however, are the woman who gets to walk down the aisle with me and the one with whom i will, eventually, share everyday of my life in this world thereafter.

That is a lot to think on!

The nonsensical mathematical equation (1+1=1) aside, the thought of living with, for and by another person other than myself and having to build a conducive environment for the fruits of my loins scares me.

But not enough to stop me from doing it, if anything I actually look forward to it as a challenge that must be won.

That said, I have some work to do on myself before I find you.

I hope to be the best version of myself and not just the embodiment of some fantasy that you have created in your sub-consciousness (not that I mind this, I just want to be more than your imagination).

I am a man who is deeply flawed, not some perfect man who can do no wrong.

I have scars on my face, a few beauty spots (some call them age spots) on my cheeks and my smile is rather ordinary. By this I mean I am a normal human being; plain and simple. I am not some character with sqaure jaws and a killer smile like you would find in those silly girl novels ladies love to read.

I am me.

I am a man, made strong by the challenges life throws my way everyday I wake up. Tested by my dogged persistence in choosing to do what is right and just in a world that expects me to bend to the evil of its will.

I am a man, and I will build a perfect world for us, so help me God.

I promise to enjoy the finest pleasures of life with you. So long as I can pull it out off orbit, I will give you the moon.

Marriage is a partnership and I will expect nothing less from you. Stand with me and be my strength.

I am prone to to the occasional bursts of anger but I realise that you will become an extension of myself and thus I will master the art of silence and control. I will, however, make one request:

Do not mistake my silence for weakness.

Our home must be a safe haven, if not for our children, for our own peace of mind as well.

There comes a time where there will be doubts in our marriage, this could be as a result of the years we have spent together.

Maybe I no longer look at you with same hunger and fire like I used to when we were younger.

Maybe some curves have drooped and certain flat places have curved.
Maybe I take for granted all the little things that you do to look beautiful for me.

It is an unfortunate event that almost always occurs after a few years marriage. When this happens, let us remember to value the good times we have shared together and promise to never give up on each other.

I sincerely hope we get to live out our dreams as successful individuals and allow our children to bask in the fruits of our labor. I would hate to live half a life with little savings and forcing our children to live out the dreams we were unable to achieve. I would rather let them have and pursue their own dreams.

I intend raising children who will be assets to the community and pillars of the nation, I wish for them to be a reflection of the values that we instill in them.

I truly hope we get to live out our years blissfully and as in love as the day you accept my ring.

This might sound too sappy, but I hope to spend forever and a day with you, with everyday more memorable than the last.

I don’t know you yet, but I promise to love you with every fiber of my being.

Wait a little longer, I will find you soon.

Yours sincerely,


P.s: Kane, you unfeeling bastard, don’t edit too much of this.


  1. This is 21st century!

    Thoriniel can I propose? I can’t wait ooo…
    I dey give you signal…in fact, not signal, I’m coming life and direct…and I will not take no for an answer

    Liked by 1 person

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