The Weary Old Man

Hello people.

Sorry for the late update, it was due to circumstances beyond my control.

I have another lesson for y’all, it’s a poem of sorts.

Read. Like. Comment.


With weary eyes he beheld the world,

Some things will never change.

He shook his head in mild regret,

If the young would only learn.

In his youth, it stole his joy,

And a hundred others before.

Looking into the dreary world,

It would steal a hundred others after.


In his search for fame and wealth,

Lone, he left his lady be.

Good things come to those who wait…

Silence preacher, drink some more!

The patient dog gets the fattest bone

Keep your bones, I need some meat!

He got his piece of meat alright,

But lost he the lady of his dreams.


Hereturned wealthy after six years,

To find his lady gone.

Patiently waited all of three years,

Then she jumped right off a cliff.

On the fifth year, he sent his first note.

Wait for me, love, I’ll be back in a year.

He left his hometown to never return,

To find a small hole and live out his days.


With weary eyes he beheld the world,

Somethings will never change.

Behind him lay a tall country beauty,

Feast for the eye with ample curves.

She left her little town afar,

In search of Fame and glory.

She smiled as she coyly beckoned,

The slowly greying bachelor.


    1. Yea… I think the greying fellow was just browsing some random. I think the girl reminded him of himself when he was younger.


  1. How long you wait goes not indicate how well it is. All I see is Gods grace that provide every good thing in life. So start making the move now.


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