The Wild One

Hello people.

I was cleaning house recently, and I chanced upon some of my early works, before I had enough confidence to claim that I write. Reading them left a smile on my face, I feel you will enjoy them too.

Read. Like. Comment.


Once I saw a little girl,

Whom I thought to be crazy.

She danced and called out to the stars,

Although the night was hazy.

Jumping left to right and back,

Dancing in a frenzy.

She took my hands and said to me,

No one loves the lazy!


She told me of a far-off land,

So crystal pure, so green.

Where lovers, spurned, would fight for love,

They fought their wars to win.

Her love for me was whole and true,

It was fully from within.

She loved me dear, she loved me close,

But mostly, in-between.


I opened my eyes to the blinding sun,

To find that she was gone.

Searched and searched, yet found her not,

I found I was forlorn.

I sat beside the quiet lake,

Wondering what could be done.

Before me, the clear waters shone,

In the golden light of morn.



So vicious so loud, I yelled:

Who be the goon?!


Gentle and light to spare my door from wound.

Who is it?

A parcel for you, kind sir, a parcel for you and yours.

At my door, she gave a faltering smile,

She stole my breath, of course.

He tugged at my feet and looked at me,

My son of twenty months.



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