The Big Hearted Fool

Greetings my people.

It’s been a while since y’all heard from me and the weirdness that is the truth of the world from my mind’s eye…

I bring you another truth, a poem of sorts…

Read, like, comment.



I this one friend,

A pure hearted fool.

He loved all of life,

And all it contained.

He fed the poor,

Helped the helpless;

Held the stake,

For men without eyes.


He trusted his friends,

And loved the true God.

That pure hearted fool,

Lived a good life.

He spoke without haste,

Quick to mend fence.

My very good friend,

Was much loved by all.


He prayed on his knees,

Asking each day;

For peace and love,

And hope for mankind.

And above all these,

He prayed for one thing;

That one true love,

Birthed at first sight.


He need not wait long,

“The gods favor the kind”.

One quiet evening,

With much time at hand,

We all saw Sheila,

O temptress divine!

My good hearted friend,

Stood not a chance.

He dove in head first,

Into love and its woes.


The whirlwind affair,

Left him so gay (happy).

She took all his love,

Promised her hand.

She captured his heart,

And his purse too.

My long time friend,

Was beyond reason.

He followed his heart.

That lil’ Ol’ thing,

Spelled his undoing.


O such sad tale,

Many years ago.

It robbed me of sleep,

Of peace,

Of friend.

I saw his first love,

Two moons before the vows.

Smiling and pining,

Sharing sweet words,

And love’s embrace,

In another’s arms.

I looked to her,

As she did me.

I walked away,

My lips sealed.


I should’ve spoken,

I could’ve complained,

Maybe it would’ve helped.

Could’ve, would’ve, should’ve

The coward’s ode.

On the eve of their union,

She kissed him and said.

Forgive me my heart,

For I have sinned.

Sinned? He asked,

Sinned! She said.

Forgive me my love,

I bear another’s seed.


Of his sorrow,

His angst,

His broken heart,

He showed not a sign.

He stole one last kiss,

I love you forever.

He walked to the window,

And took a great leap.

She screamed and she cried,

Her grieving was true.

But I shall never forget,

The look in his eyes,

The smile on his lips,

Nor his parting words.

O! That man shall live,

And love,

And die!


I once had a friend,

A big hearted fool.

So full of life,

Until he wasn’t.

I saw his first love,

Just three nights ago.

I saw her lying,

Peaceful in sleep.

In nothing but hair,

On my own bed.



    1. Omo! It’s a messed up world we live in!

      Would you fight to hurt the one you love/care about, or just let them stew in the bliss of their ignorance?


  1. The Speaker, the First person, the back stabber…
    He is the villain here.
    The worst/biggest of them all.

    He has no right to call the good guy a fool.

    He had access to a plethora of ladies, since he was not a “good guy”… “Ladies love the bad guy,” right?
    WHY is this one now the moat appealing to him?
    The fact that the “good guy”, for once, has found “happiness”, seems to be a threat to him.
    No, good guys cannot finish with the prize.

    I wonder where his “seed” is.
    Because we recall what happened with king David’s first seed with Bathsheba, Urriah’s wife. It died.

    I refuse to believe the lady and the narrator can truly sleep in peace and bliss.

    “He could’ve complained.” About what?

    I wonder if the Good guy would’ve jumped, had he known the seed’s father’s identity. His supposed friend.
    He should’ve rightly fought for his honour.

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    1. Just to be clear… The seed does not belong to the friend.

      He wooed his friend’s lover long after the buddy was dead.

      He did betray his friend by his silence tho .


  2. Heart felt… The narrator, I Would Agree With Sun Is The Traitor. He narrates his betrayal to his friend. The painful part which was a bigger killer was that his friend never knew. sheila was never adorned by the big hearted fool but rather by the narrator ( the traitor).

    Liked by 1 person

      1. No.
        But it can be understood that the information was cryptic.
        That when he saw Sheila in another person’s arms, it was his arms he was referring to.
        Like he was the ‘other guy’ all along.
        Even if he was not the other guy then, why now dishonour the memory of the dead friend?

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  3. Bwahahaha!!!

    It’s funny how only ladies seem to think the narrator betrayed his friend while he was alive.

    @SUN: can you not infer what is not in the poem? No be wetin happen.

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