The Sons of Isaac II

So sorry for the delayed update, the matter pass my power. Anyhoo, the follow up is here.


The Daughter of the Sun

It was Danny who saw her first, and she plain took his breath away. She was, in his opinion, the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen. Toby was forced to turn his attention to what it was that stopped his best bud from regaling him with his tryst with a sociopath of a bombshell that made his trip from Lagos to Enugu a memorable one.

To Toby, she was so beautiful that, the almost-beautiful, Toby felt his jaw hit the floor and he left it there.

She was clad in a pair of black, thigh high stockings, black corduroy flay skirt and a white sleeveless blouse. They barely paid any attention to the way she was built or her statistics- not then, later. For initially, their gazes were captured by her face and her hair; thick, soft, silky, shimmering hair that was jet black all through, though dyed a golden-brown on the left temple, and combed to the right (as though to show off the dyed part), half obscuring one eye.

If there was ever a flaw on her exquisite face, it was in the all-around perfectness of her facial features that gave her a cool, distant and unattainable look.

The rays of sun that poured in through the windows of the confectionery in which they all sat and ate, streamed over her like she was singing on a stage rather than munching on a stick of fries.

The light didn’t illuminate her like it did everyone else, it favoured her somehow. Beaming on her like a father would his daughter upon seeing her overly impressive S.S.C.E result. The light accentuated the natural lustre of her hair and proudly revealed the porcelain smoothness of her fair skin, lovingly melding itself to her well sculpted cheekbones and artfully chiselled nose, suggesting, but not illuminating, great depth and many mysteries in her entrancing eyes.

Just two tables away from the awe-struck duo, sat a girl of ineffable beauty, dipping a stick of fries in ketchup and reading “The Blind Fury” by John Saul, totally oblivious of the blinding power she had over Danny and Toby.

Just two tables away from the drooling friends sat the Delilah to their Samson, the Cleopatra to their Julius. Together they stared into face that might have belonged to Helen of Troy, a dazzling beauty that leads men to their ruins.

Before Danny could declare his awe of her beauty, Toby was already on his feet. Before he could say to his friend, “Hey! I know that girl”, Toby was already approaching the goddess with sublime looks.
Danny couldn’t help but feel betrayed.

Why? You ask;

Well, because Danny already knew her name. He’d already had long civilized and social intercourse with this girl. And because he’d nurtured thoughts of asking her out since he’d first laid eyes on her.

Where? You ask;

Yes, as some of you have already deduced, she is the sociopath of a bombshell he’d met on a bus ride from Lagos. The girl he’d pressed hard against a gnarly tree, some fair distance away from the indiscreet ears of their fellow passengers, and gave her some sweet, sweet loving just outside a convenience store in Asaba, where their bus passed the night.

He, in other words had implied dibbs.

And though the crazy little thing warned him against telling anyone about their little tryst if, in her own words, “You value your life”, Danny did not intend to listen to her. He even told Toby so. Yet, Toby was already taking the seat opposite the fiery vixen who made a random trip from Lagos an unforgettable experience.

‘No!’ Danny thought to himself. ‘I will not be cheated out of this one, she’s mine and mine alone’.

He got to his feet and started making his way to the table that seated the beauteous chic (and now Toby) they’d spent the better part of five minutes admiring.

Toby: Hi… Hello… What’s up? (Smile)

Girl: (looks up) (straight face)

Toby: Hope I’m not disturbing?

Girl: … (Straight face)

Toby: It’s just that you look so beautiful (smouldering smile)

Girl: (Smiles back) Thanks

Toby: So… What’s your name? Mine’s Toby

(Enter Danny from behind Toby)

Girl: Jenny and it was very nice to meet you Toby. (Smile slowly turns to half a smile, and then to a straight face) Goodbye Toby (Continues with her novel).

Toby: Hey, don’t be like that

Jenny: …

Toby: Are you a student of this school?

Jenny: …

Toby: You don’t need to be this harsh you know (slowly getting pissed)

Jenny: …

(Danny places hand on Toby’s shoulder)

Toby: (Clenching fist) Come on, stop being a child

Danny: Bro…

Toby: Seriously (shrugging off Danny’s hand) you don’t have to be a…

Danny: Bro, shun! Make we ball.

Toby: (To Danny) But she…

Danny: Dude, let’s go.

(Exit dispirited Toby and a slightly happy Danny)

“How could she? How could she?!”

Toby was livid; pacing restlessly like a caged tiger outside the confectionery. Danny was silent as they waited for their cab guy to come get them. Danny had been trying to soothe his friend’s bruised ego for the past three minutes and he’d rather be anywhere else. Suddenly, he spotted Jenny exiting the confectionery, he headed straight for her without even bothering to excuse himself.

Jenny’s smile was as much a surprise to Toby as it was to Danny, Danny smiled back. Finally, he gets the girl; finally, he gets his very own happy ending and not Toby’s sloppy seconds. She opened her arms, he hugged her, she lifted her head to him, and Danny bowed his and their lips met in a silent reaffirmation of passions past.

Toby felt faint. He couldn’t believe this beauty, who was undeniably a nine (lost a point seeing as she’s shorter that Danny), picked Danny over him. Toby, for the first time in his life, felt a green monster roar in the pits of his stomach, a roar so great it echoed in his head, giving him a slight headache. Jealousy is strange to Toby. He began to act according to the edicts of the monster that had taken over his senses.
Meanwhile, Danny cannot believe his luck. She picked him over Adonis himself.

‘I guess there’s a God up there after all’, he thought as he broke the kiss. A great smile painted itself across his face.

Danny: Erm… Can I get your number? I’d like to call you up sometime and…

Jenny: (wide smile) I thought you’d never ask

She reached into her purse, Danny reached into his pocket. His hand came out, cradling a Samsung Galaxy S7; her hand, however, had a small card in it. She pulled Danny to her, kissed his left cheek and said, ‘Be sure to read both sides of the card’.

She turned away from Danny with a smile on her face.

‘See you around Toby’, she said to Toby as he stomped past her to his back-stabbing friend. Danny was beyond himself with joy and elation, that is until he saw Toby charging towards him. He quickly looked at the card before Toby soiled his currently soaring mood.

He gasped

His vision went blurry for a second as a faint spell passed over him.

His knees went rubbery.

The little card had inscribed on it the words:

If you feel you’ve lived long enough

He flipped the card just as Toby walked up to him. The other side read:

Call me


Danny felt like shitting himself. He thought he heard Toby say, “You fucking bastard!” but he was not be sure. His eyes hurriedly chased after Jenny who was already entering a cab. She turned, looked him dead in the eye and smiled. In that instant, Danny knew that she was dead serious, he knew that if he ever called her, he’d be as dead as a door knob. He turned to Toby.

Danny: She said to give you her number (shows him only one side of the card).

Toby: Really?! (looking surprised)

Danny: Yeah! (Nervous chuckle)

Toby immediately reached for his phone. Danny looked at the number for the last time.

‘She won’t kill Toby’, he thought, ‘Everybody loves Toby’.

He looked at his best friend as he punched the number into his phone.

‘Even God loves Toby, at least that’s what everybody says. If God truly loves him, this would be a very good way to prove it’.

The End.


  1. Uhmmmm. Hope we dont have to wait 4 so long to see the next part. Also, if I dial that number will I reach her on it? Lol


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