What Could Have Been 1

Greetings y’all. I bring you the next installment of the What Could Have Been series. I want to believe that you have enjoyed what you have seen so far and are willing to tumble as far down the rabbit hole as the story can drag you. So sit back and relax. Let’s go on this […]

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What Could Have Been (Prologue)

What Could Have been… Read! Like!! Comment!!! FOLLOW!!! WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN Prologue May, 2018. She leaned against the concrete rails that guarded the balcony of penthouse lounge that sat on top the four storey building family home. She paid no mind to the solemn rumble in the dark clouds that whelmed the sun in […]

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My Dreams are Come True.

Greetings y’all… Like I said last week, I have decided to let love play a bigger role in my life this year. So most of my works will have a lot of lovey-dovey and gooey material in it. I promise not to go all sap and drippy like our friend, Thöriniel. Read! Like!! Comment!!! FOLLOW!!! […]

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One Little Piece

Happy New year folks!!! Hope y’all had a great time this Yuletide? Lots to drink and eat, lots to reflect upon too, I hope. As one of my resolutions for the year, I have decided to be a lot less critical of love and allow more room for it to affect my life and, by […]

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Auld Hurts…

Greetings y’all. It’s a few days to Christmas and I something of a special poem for y’all. Sit back, relax, and put in your thinking hats, this will not be obvious too quickly. Read! Like!! Comment!!! FOLLOW!!! AULD HURTS Sticky Truth… And what is that supposed to mean? … What do you mean untouched? You […]

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Captain Drake V

Greetings. It has been a while since y’all heard from me and I promise you, I have a semi-tangible reason for my prolonged absence. I trust y’all have been awesome since y’all last heard from me. Without too much ‘serenren’, I will leave you with the follow up to our good friend, Drake’s story. There […]

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Captain Drake IV

Read! Like!! Comment!!! FOLLOW!!! Drake!!! CAPTAIN DRAKE IV Drake opened his eyes to see a long tongue lick a really wide nose, a wave of terrible mouth odour poured out of the open mouth into his nose and equally open mouth. “Ugggh!” The horrid stench shocked him into wakefulness. He pushed the calf away from […]

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