Greetings… This story contains some adult content; as such, some discretion is advised. Read at readers’ peril Read! Like!! Comment!!! Follow!!! CAPTAIN DRAKE Hot winds blew harshly over the hot sands birthing dust devils and dust clouds in its wake. Tufts of weeds and shrubs and a handful of trees litter the large expense of […]


And So We Fall…

Greetings. This here piece is dedicated to the living the dead on this day, 2nd November, 2018, to mark this Feast of All Souls. Read! Comment!! Like!!! Follow!!!! Free Fall And so we fall. It can be argued that life is a Fall. Innocent Angels, we once were, Bright of eyes, cherubs at heart, The […]

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I LOVE YOU DIE “Is there something wrong with him?” She asked, ‘How does a man so young live without love?’ She thought, “I’ll make him love me, I swear I will!” She swore. ᷉᷉᷉ He loved her alright. In six short months, she had a row with him, And drove off in a fit. […]


Le Reconteur

Man Alone… LE RECONTEUR I searched in the highs and lows, I’m drenched to my back and brows. I got to the ends of Earth, And all I got was earth. I traced my way back home, Hoping to be alone. — And there he was; Standing in a corner of Mayfair, Where the silence […]

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The Apple and the Tree (Final)

THE APPLE AND THE TREE IV Ten years ago It had been raining ceaselessly for six hours. The clap of lightning and the roar of the accompanying thunder filled the little attic torture chamber in the Quinn’s residence. The black windows allowed little light and the candle light was barely sufficient to see with. However, […]

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The Apple and the Tree III

Courtesy: IsysIfe THE APPLE AND THE TREE III “… Robert Benjamin, a 63 years old investment banker, was reported missing by his wife yesterday evening. Margaret Benjamin, who has been married to the missing banker for thirty two years, has released a statement to the press soliciting the aid of the general populace to aid […]

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The Apple and the Tree II

Courtesy: IsysIfe THE APPLE AND THE TREE II The room was cold and dry. The incessant rumbling of the heavy skies told the inhabitants of the room that the thunderstorm was still waxing strong and four hours of non-stop rain lent a chilly ambiance to the room that was slowly being filled by the muffled […]

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